Why You Should Always Find a Local Tradie

Most homeowners look to find a local tradie but sometimes fail to acknowledge the benefits it entails. The good news, though, is you get to save most, if not all, of your time and resources.

But why does location and accessibility matter when getting a tradie?

1. Local tradies may provide you with low quotes

There’s a high chance of paying a lower amount of money if they normally accept jobs around your area. Imagine not having to spend on travelling costs or permits?

Also, the overall cost including the labour fees and materials won’t affect your budget the hard way.

If you choose to find a local tradie for small or emergency jobs, say for a tiling repair job in your kitchen, a well-experienced tradesman can urgently respond to your call.

You don’t need to disturb a large business that caters to bigger projects (and charge a fortune) just to fix an obstruction that a local tradie can do.

2. Local tradies may be your neighbour’s previous hire

Personal recommendations still top the list of the factors that help influence a customer’s decision. If a friend nearby has recently hired a local fence painter, you can easily ask for feedback.

Did the tradie perform and communicate well before, during and after the work? Was he skillful and experienced in handling the job?

By listening to their response, you would somehow know if they’re satisfied with the results. Surely they’d recommend a tradie who invariably meets their needs at any given time or day.

3. Local tradies can easily get access to nearby suppliers

It’s more convenient to find a local tradie who can easily recommend someone to help with the job required. Could it be an electrician to install a power point or remove faulty wiring?

Maybe the handyman you hired can refer anyone among their group to work on the task that needs urgent setup or repair.

Likewise, sourcing necessary materials for the job won’t be a problem in terms of time and accessibility. The delivery cost or long negotiations will not be an issue either.

Getting a tradie who provides services within your area can refer reputable suppliers near you.

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4. Local tradies know not only a portion but almost all council regulations

A local tradie knows almost every nook and cranny of council approvals.

If your prospective local plumber has established a career in the industry for years, you can trust his knowledge about the common practices in submitting requirements to local authorities.

For instance, if there’s a need to install a washbasin or perform pipe repairs, there’s a big possibility that a local tradie has good familiarisation of the regulations.

A reliable tradesman can help make the planning process easier.

5. Local tradies allow you to check most of their completed works in person

One good reason to find a local tradie is you get to see the finished work they’ve previously accomplished.

Whether it’s a painting job or house extension, choosing among the local tradies within your community enables you to visit the project sites with less hassle.

Exterior work such as paving or painting is easy to check for quality and appearance. It also keeps you from getting a wrong tradie and you’ll barely get a hard time deciding on who to hire.

Consider other qualifications

While it’s easier and more cost-effective to hire a local tradie nearby, it will do no harm to assess the qualities and credentials of your prospect hires.

Before you make any official arrangements with a tradie, be sure to ask all possible questions related to work performance and ethics.

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