Find a tradie who will redo the work

With a range of tradies to choose from, it’s important to ask the right questions to pick the best one. Someone who’s both reliable and professional is sure to provide a written guarantee to help safeguard your finances. Make sure you find a tradie who makes himself accountable even after the actual work is completed.

Why is it important to find a tradie who provides warranties?

Entering into a contract without these privileges may cause you to double up your expenses when unexpected repairs become necessary. In most states like Queensland and South Australia, state authorities require tradies or businesses to provide warranties that specify the need to redo the work when necessary.

Not all tradies provide warranties to their customers. However, those with warranties shouldn’t automatically be hired just because they offer such benefits.

Precautionary tips to do before settling an agreement with a tradie

    • Know the coverage of the warranty to ensure that both parties acquire benefits
    • Read and scrutinize the written guarantee before you enter into a contract with a prospective tradie
    • Compare warranties with other service providers to choose a suitable tradie
    • Raise multiple questions to clarify some points indicated in the written guarantee
  • Seek recommendations from close friends or neighbours

Giving importance to these reminders can help you find a tradie to repeat the service or ask other tradies to perform the job with no extra charge from clients.

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Warranties or consumer guarantees vary depending on your state. According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, there are different types of warranties known as:

Express warranties. This type refers to the quality and performance of the product and the availability of servicing. A customer has the right to express his concern when a promise or a claim (either written or verbally) about the product purchased doesn’t prove it entirely true.

Warranties against defects. Also known as manufacturer’s warranties, this written guarantee refers to the promises made to consumers when the availed goods or services become defective within the given timeframe. Under the Australian Consumer Law, the business issuing this guarantee is responsible for either repairs, replacement or refund depending on the details indicated in the document.

Extended warranties. As the term suggests, this type of warranty extends the effectivity period of the guarantee provided initially.

Important: In case you move to another location, and a deck, for instance, is included in the overall property cost, transfer of warranty policy shall apply. The tradie or business responsible for the work should provide an easy process of transferring ownership details to make it less of a hassle.

Things to watch out for when comparing different warranties

Coverage – What is the scope of the written guarantee? How easy it is to overlook the details when it comes to understanding and verifying warranties. Factors such as indirect or consequential damages should be double checked to see if they’re specified on the document as it entails larger costs on both parties.

Terms and conditions – Also refer to limitations, it’s important as a consumer to know the conditions for each product or service availed. For instance, the terms specified on product installation may differ from maintenance. Any repairs or amendments required for each situation should be carefully examined.

Duration – It talks about the length or period of time the warranty covers. Make sure to check the beginning and expiry date of the written guarantee along with the special conditions that shorten its effect.

Response – Does the tradie or business promise to repair, replace or refund? When promises or claims are distorted, would they do something to deal with and settle the matter?

Always ask for a copy of the warranty

You say, “Find me a tradie who has appropriate credentials, good reviews, and years of experience.” But other than that, there’s something important to take into consideration. Be mindful of tradies who only care about your needs at the beginning and leave you hanging after all the work is done.

Find a tradie who gets everything into writing and hands you a copy of warranty and other documents that you can use for future references. This ensures your protection against falsified claims and unrecorded promises.

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