How to find a tradesman?

There are various ways to find a tradesman, but the most popular choice is through online search. Convenience is the common reason for everyone.

Since the internet contains millions of information, it becomes an instant one-stop shop where they can see the tradies’ company details, services offered, rates and customer reviews.

The demand for residential homes has increased this 2018 by 7.8%. This only means that more homeowners will need tradies’ assistance to help them shape up their home. How to find a tradesman that you can trust? Though online search is the most popular option, there are still tons of elimination processes that you need to do before you can find one.

To make things easier, here are three effective methods that can help you find the most suitable tradie for the job you need.

How to find a tradesman?

1. Personal recommendations

Word of mouth is the most reliable method to know if a certain tradie is trustworthy or not, particularly if this came from someone close to you (e.g. family and friends). This will be a good advantage for you since you can ask them to describe everything about the tradie which includes their personality, work etiquette, and how they delivered the job.

2. Visit profit or non-profit association to check licensed tradies

The licence is very important as it gives a good assurance that the tradie has the right skill, training, and experience for the job. Where to find a licensed tradie? There are various ways where you can find them, but the easiest way is by visiting profit or non-profit websites.

3. Tradie apps

Technology has its advantages to one’s business and for homeowners, you can embrace technology too by using tradie apps. A tradie app is a platform that lets you (homeowners) and tradies/businesses connect to one another to discuss a specific job. It works by following the below process:

How to find a tradesman using tradie apps?

Tradie apps have three simple processes:

The first step is you will post the details of the job. The key to easily get the right tradie is by including all the details of the job, even the smallest parts. This way the tradies can give you an accurate quote for the job and not an estimation.

The second step is matching all the local tradies near your location to the job you posted. Once they matched three tradies, the tradies will contact you and review/quote the job.

The last step is for you to review the quotes of the three matched tradies. Once you chose the right one, you can offer them the job. If you are not satisfied with the three matched tradies, you can always seek for more.

Note: Most tradie apps, like HIREtrades, matches three tradies per job posting. This is to allow homeowners (you) to review each quotation well and compare it to one another.

Choosing the right tradie for the job doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down. Always keep it up to ensure you will be protected from any mishaps during the job process. Some of the good ways that you can protect yourself is by knowing your rights and never pay anything without signing any written contracts.

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