New Year, Same Problems Around The House?

Welcome in the new year with optimism and get around to fixing those niggles around the house. But don’t leave them too long or the problem might get worse.

DIY is great – it’s cost-effective, you learn a thing or two about the problem itself and you gain some confidence in knowing that you can fix potential problems in the future. But realistically, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Start 2019 positively by ‘righting the wrongs’ of last year and get these problems around the house sorted:

The AC system not cooling as it used to?

Get a professional air conditioning serviceman (or service woman) to come and give your air conditioning the full works. As a start, you can clean any plug and play filters, but it’s the professionals who are able to dig deeper and apply some cleaning agents both for the indoor and outdoor units. The professionals also know how to assemble and disassemble air conditioning units not to mention them having the right tools to do the job.

HIREtrades Recommended TradeAir Conditioning

Sinks and toilets not draining fast enough?

We often resort to using a plunger when unclogging the kitchen sink and the toilet. Some also use cable augers to remove the blockage if trying it with a plunger doesn’t work. The potent combination of vinegar and baking soda also works well if the problem is serious. While the job seems to be doable, there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to do so accurately without professional assistance. In the event of severe blockage due to grease or food build-up (especially after the holiday season), calling out a reliable plumber will accomplish your needs at just the right time without worrying about worsening the issue.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Plumbing

Air seeping in the windows?

Although this usually triggers during winter or when the weather becomes too chilly, getting a professional home inspector in the new year can help resolve your draught issues. But before you schedule a thorough check, it’s good to inspect signs of gaps or cracks on your windows to know where to put your efforts on. As you find your way to stopping the draught around your home, your initial step should be to monitor your window frame (and even your doors) and listen for whistles of air coming inside the room. This way, you are able to help your prospective tradie work on the succeeding procedures such as sealing and insulating your windows.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Handyman or Window Repairs

Squeaky doors doing your head in?

Creaky bedroom doors can be a complete nuisance if you’re trying to step out of the room. If this problem keeps coming back, you can simply grab a hammer to loosen up and remove the hinge pin which causes the squeaky noise and put a fair amount of lubricant to avoid hard abrasion between two surfaces. However, the process could be time-consuming and risk-inducing as you might lose grip on what you are holding. So make sure you get a professional handyman to work on door hinge repairs. Your handyman could also discover another issue that needs urgent replacement or restitution.

HIREtrades Recommended TradeDoor Repairs

Creaky floors bugging you?

Aside from doors, floorboards are to blame when you start hearing squeaks (especially if you or someone from the house steps on or walk through the floor). Before it affects other wood planks which can add to your stress, better find the culprit and address the issue right away. Usually, the spaces between the joists and the boards are what causes such problems to appear. See if you’re able to put a shim to fill the void and leave no gaps in between. But if the job is not doable and the area is hardly accessible, you can trust a floor repair specialist to cover the process whether they’re below or above-ground.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Floor Repairs

Dirty grout making your tiles look dirty?

Grime build-up is a common cause of discolouration in your tiling floor. Tiny specks of dirt resulted from spills and splatters can easily be trapped inside and stick to the grout. While you can grab an old brush or scrubbing tool to remove forms of accumulated dirt and grime in between gaps, it would be easier to call a professional tiler to work on scrubbing the surfaces (and do some regrouting if need be). That way you’ll have more time for other chores around your home that do not require extensive effort on your part.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Tile & Grout Cleaning

Smells lingering around much longer?

Poorly ventilated rooms can lead to mould growth and wall damages if left untreated. Worse, poor ventilation can result in more serious health problems among the house members. Getting a reliable ventilation expert or an air conditioning specialist to inspect your vents and other systems related to it should be one of your priorities. Few of the important areas to check are your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Air Conditioning

Damp walls damaging the wallpaper?

Moist is one of your wall’s greatest enemies, and poor ventilation is one of its triggering factors. Keeping your home warm may be one of the preventative measures for this but if you already have this problem, check for signs of leakage or condensation within the house to avoid further damage. For in-depth inspection, you can consult a damp proofing professional to provide necessary treatments and work with you along the way. Doing so not only gives you peace of mind but also saves you from costly repairs or alteration.

HIREtrades Recommended Trade: Rising Damp

Head into 2019 on a productive note and get any niggling issues around the house fixed before they get worse!

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