Top 5 Jobs You Would Need A Tradie For

No matter how much of a handyman (or handywoman) you think you are, some DIY jobs are best left to the professionals.

That’s not to say that doing the job yourself is wrong. Instead of tackling those tasks yourself, it’s best to leave the job to a qualified tradieHiring a tradie may cost you large amounts depending on the size and complexity of the job, but you’d run the risk of spending more money if you try to do everything on your own.

So what are the jobs that demand the expertise of a tradie?

High-risk jobs related to plumbing and electrical are only a few of the major fields that require serious trade skills. Sure, replacing a broken faucet or fixing a fluctuating light bulb can be easy, but for a smooth-sailing process, you need to be dealing with the professionals.

Whether you often stay at home or are running your own business, it’s good to have someone to back you up if the job demands the use of complex tools and procedures.

1. Plumbing

PlumbingPhoto Courtesy of Pacific Air Forces via Google Search

It’s no secret that some jobs such as caulking the tub and fixing a leaky faucet can be very easy to deal with. Easy-to-use plumbing tools for pipe draining are plungers and cable augers. However, given the limited understanding of the process, you can only do so much.

Washing the dishes or using the bathroom with poorly installed plumbing systems can be a nuisance. Thanks to the amazing work of plumbing experts, homeowners can enjoy the benefit from having a reliable system that we use on a daily basis.

Realigning existing pipes or installing new ones can be hard especially if you have little or no knowledge about the job. So instead of taking the risk of faulty repairs or replacement which can result in pipe bursts and property damage, why not look for a trusted plumber who can certainly accomplish the job with minimal disruption? It surely does save your precious time and investments in the process. Plus, there can be a possibility for you not to miss the best part of witnessing how a plumbing fixture becomes functional again if you do.

2. Electrical


Aside from plumbing, electrical work also requires the involvement of professional tradies. One reason why you have to be very careful in terms of doing electrical repairs or installation is you might be putting yourself (and your property) at risk. Another reason is that it is illegal for anyone without an accreditation to carry out electrical work or repairs nationwide. In Queensland, violators can be penalised up to $40,000 if they attempt to DIY some electrical work.

While you can do other minor tasks like plugging in and testing an appliance, it’s an absolute necessity to have a licensed electrician who can work on complicated jobs such as relocating a power point or installing a safety switch.

Try to think about those individuals who suffered electrocutions due to faulty installation or connection. Even experienced tradies can go wrong when tackling power cables or doing some rewiring so it’s important to take the necessary precaution to help safeguard your wellbeing and finances.

You can expect to have a reliable electrician who ensures that:

  • Your property strictly complies with the electrical requirements within your vicinity.
  • All procedures meet the electrical standards and practices implemented by your local council.
  • The materials and equipment used are factory-approved and regulatory-compliant.
  • Each process follows the regulations under Safe Work Australia.
  • They wear proper clothing, are publicly recognised, and hold the necessary insurance for your peace of mind.

3. Building/Construction

Tile WorkPhoto Courtesy of siala via Pixabay

Adding a room or a granny flat, for instance, is not an easy job. It’s true that you can work on replacing a broken tile on your bathroom or chip off old paint in your bedroom. But if the job demands a higher requirement such as altering the entire flooring or removing a wall to make the area bigger, it can be less of a hassle to have a builder or carpenter who has years of experience in the field to meet your renovation needs.

Whether it’s a bathroom reno, kitchen upgrade or home extension, someone who has exemplified excellent skills and on-the-job experience should be doing the job. Insisting to DIY what you think is simple might present a potential danger. For instance, tile work may sound easy and risk-free especially if you’re only asked to lay the tiles in a small area. But for guaranteed results, leaving the whole process to a pro will save you a lot of time and money. Doing so also helps to keep you from acquiring accidents.

4. Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Perfectly installed air conditioning units also help to reduce the triggering factors resulting in asthma attacks and other health-related issues, which could be less burdensome.

So instead of running the risk of mounting it on your own and figuring out the correct way of installing the AC system, it’s best to have a professional AC specialist to accomplish the job for you to ensure the efficiency and quality of work. The right tradie also knows what type will match your lifestyle and property needs.

5. Roof Repairs

Roof RepairPhoto Courtesy of Barksdale Air Force Base via Google Search

Roof issues such as leaks, shrinkage and ponding water can be disappointing and inconvenient. Attempting to fix the problems alone is risky as it can result in serious injuries or even death. Imagine going to the roof without safety gears or equipment to support your weight? 

In NSW alone, over 12,000 workers suffer from fall accidents in a span of three years (SafeWork, 2014-2017). These tradies may be trained enough for roof repair jobs but there are no exceptions when it comes to facing accidents. Paying a tradie for their service is more acceptable than dealing with situations that you might regret in the future.

Aside from aesthetical features, your roof serves as protection against external elements and weathering conditions. So it’s essential to keep it as sturdy and blemish-free as possible to protect your family and belongings. A qualified roof repairman can definitely complete the job without hassle so make sure to hire someone to keep it in tip-top condition.

DIY gives you a sense of independence and is personally rewarding but those jobs that demand a tradie shouldn’t be overlooked.

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