Why Becoming a Tradie Is A Lucrative Profession

Modern day tradies are earning much more than ever before. The importance of working hard and smart largely contributes to outlasting the industry challenges and obtaining more profits.

Recent claims from states that tradies are earning more money than doctors. According to the news site, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released a pool of figures to show the rising trajectory of tradies such as removalists, plumbers and electricians who are earning higher salaries than average..

With removalists earning an annual salary of  around $193k ($93 per hour), successful General Practitioners on the other hand earn than $156k annually.

Could spending years at uni be less prioritised in the future?

Young people entering the tradie world may not like it especially during the early years, but learning a trade might be the best choice for some. Undoubtedly, the expectation for people who want to earn a bachelor’s degree can still thrive in the coming years.

Benefits of Becoming a Tradesman

Obtaining a college diploma is meant to you get access to wider possibilities including higher paid jobs. Although it helps to guarantee success, starting a career outside its scope also presents many advantages.

Financial security is one of the long-term benefits of becoming a tradesperson. Average tradesmen earn a minimum of $60.88 per hour according to an article written by Alpha Car Hire, even more depending on experience. Plumbers in NSW, for instance, earn more than $80 per hour.

Professional networking is another privilege you can enjoy as a tradie. Meeting other experts from different fields opens up new opportunities for expanding your market reach. It also helps to provide an avenue for skills improvement and new projects.

The Recurring National Issue

Although many qualified and experienced tradies earn more than office workers, the continuous decrease of people taking up apprenticeships is slowly reshaping the underskilled economy. Recent reports from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research found that Queensland’s traineeship is nearly dropping.

Female tradies also experience a decline in number despite the pay advantage. ABS’ latest statistics shows that the percentage of females working in trades has barely changed in the last 20 years to date.

While the number of people showing interest in trades slows down, the increasing demand for residential and commercial owners needing assistance in renovation and improvement plans may continue in the future.

Aussies Need More Tradies

Since most parents prefer the reality of children going through the full educational system, one way to resolve the issue is through seminars. That way, parents and students can easily be educated by the economic benefits of joining the tradie workforce.

One study from Skilling Australia Foundation and McCrindle Research combats the industry myth that students outside of university have lower chances of getting a job. They claim that 78 per cent of Vocational Education and Training (VET) graduates get employed after training, which is 10 per cent higher than uni graduates getting hired after their studies.

Tradie as a Challenging Yet Fulfilling Career

Whether you’re pursuing a plumbing, carpentry or electrical-related career, acquiring proper education and experience is vital to get the best value from your investment. It’s important to understand the industry trends and demands to help you with deciding.

Although the job entails an overarching process, passionate people can thrive in the long run. Just by learning the benefits, challenges and possible solutions of the world of trades, you can easily realise its worth. Not only are you helping the industry to survive, but you can also have the privilege to earn more while responding to the needs of others.

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