Top 5 Tips for a Tradie to be In Demand

Working as a Tradie is both a pleasure and a challenge. It involves physical labour and continuing effort to satisfy the needs of your clients. That is what makes it so valuable and popular in the market.

Knowing what customers want is vital for a tradie’s success – whether he is new to the job or a veteran.

Check out these top 5 tips to position yourself to be in demand. Some serve as reminders to build your personal brand and earn customer trust.

1. Be prompt and accessible.

If there’s one rule for tradies to heighten the chance of winning the client’s heart, it is to be on time. Prompt response is a determining factor to get the customer’s attention and gives a good impression on your business. Being late can be a good reason a client will leave a bad review or feedback on your business. Make sure to address all queries and concerns without having them wait for a day or two. When an emergency shows up, take the initiative to inform them right away.

2. Localise your business.

Identifying your focused niche gives you the advantage of building a good relationship with your targeted clients. Listening to their needs allows you to know them better and prioritise their wants. Getting yourself familiarised with the problems they commonly face is important to align your marketing strategy with their needs. Also, your close involvement with your community makes it easier to connect with potential partners and clients. That way you can drive more referrals from repeat customers and build relevant contacts.

3. Secure an insurance.

Investing in reliable insurances is a big plus when clients choose who to hire. Income protection is a prominent type of a trade insurance. Although it can be costly, the return is one of its rewarding benefits when sudden accidents or injuries occur. General property insurance helps you safeguard your tools and equipment against damage or loss. Businesses carrying public liability insurance prevents them from paying a required amount for accidents and other inevitable events.

4. Get relevant licences and certifications.

It may sound cliché in the business realm, but one effective way to gain your competitive edge is to immerse yourself in constant training. For instance, if your work involves plumbing or electrical repairs, customers are more likely to engage with licence-holder professionals to ensure their safety. Defining your specialisation is essential to master your craft and gain more experiences. Whether your focus links to construction or painting industries, make sure to update your credentials to win more work.

5. Engage in find-a-tradie websites.

Most tradies are moving to an online market to widen their reach and make their identity known to thousands of clients. Building a website of your own is also a huge help in showcasing your expertise without breaking the bank. But creating your profile on a single platform makes it easier to look for work or projects that suit your location, availability and skills. It will not only increase your chances of acquiring more leads but also boost your online presence.

Best Ways to Market Tradies

best way to market tradies

Becoming aware of the principles and requirements of being a tradie is beneficial for your personal and professional growth. Failing to recognise its importance can affect your work performance and lifestyle.

Here are some of the best ways to market tradies.

  • Professional Network. Tying up with like-minded, non-competing professionals is effective when it comes to expanding your area of influence. If your expertise centers on plumbing, you can arrange agreements with electrical and construction companies to work on the same project.

  • Advertisements. Online marketing may appear to be more convenient, but setting aside offline promotions is not a good idea. Relying on a single strategy is not advisable as it can limit your customer reach. Combining them both can result in a more effective lead generation.

  • Word of Mouth. Nothing beats the domino effect of bringing the work of tradies to your neighbourhood, co-workers and friends. Referrals still offer a distinctive way of leading prospects straight to your doorstep.

Protecting your brand reputation is one of your priorities to maintain your clients’ loyalty. People’s reliance on someone specialising in plumbing, electrical work and other related fields is always on the rise. Any moment, you can receive calls from a property owner asking help for repairs or installations. But the best part is you get to see the fruits of your labour after the work is done.

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