What are the highest paying jobs in Australia?

Usually, the first real problem new graduates face is finding some sort of paid employment. For a first or second jobber, it’s common to have a low paying job and/or a job which doesn’t match the course that they graduated in.

But the ultimate goal (probably for everyone!) is to eventually reach a level where their job pays well and gives one a high quality standard of living. Let’s take a look at what the highest paying jobs in Australia are:

What are the highest paying jobs in Australia?

  • Health Care and Social Assistance

One of the most in-demand, and the highest paying jobs in Australia, is in health care and social assistance industry. The demand isn’t surprising as the percentage of the people giving birth are in need of primary care and treatment for serious illnesses (e.g. tumours and cancer) are consistently rising. It will not stop for years to come as more people are doing their best to keep their body in shape and healthy.

The highest paying and most in-demand job in this category is: Registered Nurse.

  • Construction

Another industry sector that continues to increase its demand is in construction. The main reason lies in the increase in demand for all property and population. Australia now has a current population of 25,278,502. As the population grows, more people need a new home or want to renovate their current house to cater to each family members’ needs. That’s why in all the jobs under in construction industry, the highest paying jobs in Australia and most in-demand are: electricians, carpenters, and joiners.

  • Retail Trade

In Australia, the retail industry landed in the top two for offering tons of new job opportunities for all age levels. But in Tasmania, the retail industry is on the top list. Though they offer a wide range of job opportunities for all ages and education levels, the highest paying jobs in Australia are the positions of: Managers and General Sales Assistants.

  • Technical Services

As technology evolves, the demand for technical jobs will never slow down. For you to be qualified, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, post-school education or long years of solid working experience. The highest paying jobs in Australia under the technical services industry are accountants, programmers, graphics and Web Designers, and Illustrators.

Where is the best State and Territory in Australia to get a job?

Location is always an important factor because this is where you will see if there are enough open jobs that can cater to all the new graduates for the year. In 2018, the States and Territories in Australia that has the most created jobs are in New South Wales according to Department of Jobs and Small Business, Australian government.

The good thing about the jobs in New South Wales, jobs are equally distributed to everyone with different educational backgrounds – bachelor’s degree holder (33%), trade certified (30%) and no post-school qualification (31%).

The statistics for other States and Territories are listed below:

highest paying jobs

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