What are the proper tradies workwear?

The proper tradies workwear won’t only keep them comfortable while performing their job but also can keep them protected from harm.

What are the proper tradies workwear?

Tradies workwear always depends on the services or work they provide. But the most common tradies workwear that provides protection are the following, starting from head to feet:

1. Helmet

helmetPhoto Courtesy of Aan Kurniawan via Pexels

Tradies who work on construction sites are required to wear a helmet. The helmet will protect the tradies’ head from any accidents like bumping to low-hanging barriers, falling debris or heavy materials that may fly or land on one’s head.

The helmet provided to tradies are not like the regular helmet you find in the mall. Tradies helmet is made with durable materials and designed with safety features such as slow-burning, water resistant and shock absorber. Aside from that, tradies helmet follow the Australian standard for occupational protective helmets.

2. Protective Face Masks

Protective Face MasksPhoto Courtesy of Arunas Naujokas via Unsplash

Tradies who handle heavy machinery or those who are exposed to extreme heat, a face mask is required. The face mask protects the tradies from inhaling dust, or any airborne debris. But if there are hazardous chemicals involved; the protective face mask would need to have a sealed full-face respirator.

3. Over-and in-ear plugs

ear plugsPhoto Courtesy of cetteup via Unsplash

Do you know that long exposure to sounds with 85 decibels or above can cause hearing loss? This is the reason it is required for some tradies to have an over- and in-ear plugs to protect them from the loud noise caused by heavy types of machinery. The machinery that has the loudest sound is the hammer drill with 120 decibels.

4. Eyewear

eyewearPhoto Courtesy of roegger via Pixabay

Other than the head, the eyes are the second crucial part of the body that are prone to exposed on harm. The elements that can endanger the eyes of the tradies are bright lights, flying particles, extreme heat, and sparks.

The eye protection provided to tradies follows all the safety standard for the frames and lenses. Also, eye protection for tradies must have the design/characteristics such as strength that can withstand impact, UV protection, and resistant to mist and scratch.

5. Main workwear uniform

workwear uniformPhoto Courtesy of Yury Kim via Pexels

For the tradies’ body, the overall clothing should always be made with highest-quality material that is proven for its durability and efficiency. The material should not only be durable but should also withstand several harsh environmental conditions, such as being resistant to water, chemical splashes, abrasion, and potential electrostatic build-up.

The main tradies workwear uniform may include armlets, gloves, mitts and wrist cuffs. A common type of uniform is boiler suits and coveralls. But there are other tradies workwear that consists of t-shirts or polo shirt, hoodie jacket, and pants. These tradies workwear may look like daily clothes but companies assured that the workwear they provide to their tradies follows their own an Australian standard.

6. Footwear

footwearPhoto Courtesy of roegger via Pixabay

Lastly, the footwear. The chances of encountering danger are somewhat the same with the head. There are tons of debris or heavy materials that might fall or bump into your feet which can cause serious injury. The footwear must be designed with safety features that can protect the tradies from slipping from uneven or greasy terrain, fall, trips and accidental strikes against barriers. Also, it must follow the EN ISO safety standards.

The type of footwear that are required for tradies vary depending on their job and the surface of the working area.

Tradies workwear per job

Proper tradie workwear must be worn properly and completely all the time. Particularly for the three trades that are considered as the most dangerous.

1. Carpentry

Construction sites are one of the dangerous environments to work on as it is full of heavy and huge materials and equipment. It will not endanger the physical body but also the hearing and health of the tradies. The tradies workwear for carpenters is the following:

    • Hard hats
    • Ordinary full-face mask or dust mask
    • Safety glasses
    • Over- and in-ear plugs
    • Gloves
  • Duty boots with steel-toes and penetration-proof soles.

2. Electrical

Another dangerous environment to work on is the electrician’s work environment. This is because it has a huge risk on one’s health which includes exposure to toxic materials, electrical shocks, and burns. The tradies workwear for electricians is the following:

    • Hard hats
    • Visors
    • Vest
    • Fire retardant clothing
    • Rubber insulating gloves, leather protective gloves, or liner gloves
    • Arc flash Personal Protective Equipment
  • Industrial Safety Boots

3. Plumbing

Plumbing becomes dangerous because tradies are prone to exposure with different hazardous situations, fitting into small spaces or contaminated areas. This is the reason it’s a must for them to wear safety and protective uniforms always. The tradies workwear for plumbers is the following:

    • Safety glasses
    • Plumbing respirators
    • Face mask
    • Heat-insulating gloves
  • Plumber gloves

Accidents are inevitable. But with a sharp presence of mind and obeying all safety codes, tradies can manage to protect themselves from all types of danger.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Kevin Grieve via Unsplash 

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