What type of trades are there?

Everybody wants to hire only the best tradie to fix their home-related emergencies. It may sound challenging to achieve, a good way to make it easier is by exploring what type of trades are there and which of it are in demand.

What type of trades are there?

In total, there are nine types of trades namely: administration, agricultural, automotive, construction, domestic, earthmoving, hospitality, manufacturing, and transport. Most of it requires training and manual skills before one can perform the trade job.

Every year, financial institutions revealed which of the type of trades become the highest-paying and in-demand. So, you probably wonder what type of trades are there for 2019.

Many foresee a great future for domestic and construction-related trades as its demands increases. If you are considering to take your career on these type of trades, here are the popular trade jobs that you can consider:

Construction Trades


The electricians’ main duties are to design, install, maintain, repair and test electrical wiring and networks. In 2018, it has been marked as one of the highest paying trade jobs in Australia. And many still foresee for its continuous growth this 2019.

For this reason, more people are inspired to becoming a certified electrician. But before pursuing this career, it’s a must for everyone to know first if they have what it takes to be electricians. Here are the few personal characteristics that every licensed electrician must possess:

    • Enjoy doing mathematical and technical-related activities
    • Have a knack for anything electronic and mechanical
    • Have good coordination of hand and eye
    • Ability to perform physically demanding work, including entering crawl spaces
    • Have a normal colour vision and good eyesight
  • Lastly, have a good communication skill


The carpenters’ main duties are much broader as they cover both construction and repair of buildings, infrastructures, and furniture. From that statement, everyone can immediately know how physically challenging it can be. Not to mention, the possibility to encounter accidents.

With the above reasons, it’s a must for everyone to know if they have the following characteristics to become a certified carpenter:

    • Comfortable working on heights, long-standing, bending and carrying heavy materials
    • Have a good sense of balance and eyesight
    • Have a good grasp in mathematics
  • Lastly, comfortable working using their hands

Other jobs under construction trades are the plumber, cabinetmakers, concreters, plasterers, tilers, and welders. All of these trade jobs are required to undergo a series of training and acquire the licences required (will vary on the State or Territory they reside in) before they can perform the job.

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Domestic Trades


The cleaners are the owners helping hand in keeping their place clean and tidy. The main duties of cleaners are straightforward, it will just differ on the type and size of the building they are about to clean.

Aside from the regular cleaning task, there are times that owners give additional tasks to cleaners. This task involves the security of the whole building like ensuring all doors are locked, and the appliances and lights are turned off.

Compared to other trades, the cleaner is one of the trades that doesn’t require a licence. But employers will still set their own standards and requirement that everyone needs to achieve. Though there’s a licence to acquire, everyone must still possess all the good qualities of a reliable cleaner:

    • Must be meticulous and organise
    • Enjoy doing a practical task
  • Capable of lifting, standing for long hours and bending


A garden provides a healthy and relaxing place for the whole family to live in and play. Not to mention can boost the property’s value. This is the reason gardener jobs become popular for years.

Just like with a cleaner job, a gardener doesn’t require to get any licence. But they do need tons of experience in keeping the garden fruitful and healthy. Also, the following characteristics need to meet to become an excellent gardener:

    • Have long patience and enthusiastic
    • Enjoy working outdoors and in all weather conditions
    • Ability to use gardening different machineries such as brush cutter, chainsaw and lawn mower
  • Lastly, a self-motivated person

With the wide variety of resources, finding a reliable tradie becomes easier compared to earlier years. But of course, there are still risks that who you about to hire may not reach your standard. To eliminate those chances, you must update yourself with what type of trades are there in the market today. This will help you know if your chosen career path has a future or not.

Not only that, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the process as this will help you find out what exactly you are looking for.

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