Home Improvement Checklist For Autumn

The Autumn days are finally here, which means the cool weather begins to settle in. With all the renovation jobs and minor improvements done around your home in the previous months, it pays to attend to other areas that require special attention.

Not only do home upgrades add value to your property, but they also help your house thrive in the coming months (before winter falls).

Have you decided yet where to begin? You can start from the outside before going indoors. Creating a checklist can also help rule out your plans with care and precision.

Have a look at your roof.

A roof protects the house from environmental elements and water damage. It plays a big role in reducing heat loss and keeping your family secured. Failure to keep it in good condition may lead to significant structural (and cosmetic) problems when moist or rainfall leaks creep in.

As we’re now in autumn, the condition of your roofing system is one of the first few things to consider. Does it show signs of warp, cracks or deterioration? Are there some parts that look weak and sagging?

Checking it over for durability issues allows you to schedule inspection and rectification when the need arises. Does it have to be replaced entirely or only a few of its parts such as the shingles? Doing so also helps to keep you from paying higher rates for roof repair or maintenance.

Get those pesky objects out of your gutter.

Gutters that carry a slew of fallen leaves, cut branches and mud streaks are not only a nuisance. They also impose potential damage when the weight goes beyond what they can bear.

With the autumn season breaking in, it’s good to have your gutters perfectly cleared from blockage. Unclogging the trough makes it less susceptible to cracks, holes or complete wreckage. If most of the obscurants cause the normal flow of rainwater to change, leaks can form quickly and permeate through the house.

Get rid of them before it affects the structural integrity of your home. Using a leaf blower can be effective especially if you’re dealing with accumulated leaves. But calling out a gutter cleaning specialist can make the process smoothly and less risky.

Do some raking and lawn mowing.

Raking dead leaves can make your garden look more attractive. You wouldn’t want to leave them there while the weather makes a transition, do you? A clean and healthy turf adds beauty to the house and wellness for the house members.

Handheld tools such as leaf scoops can help you carry out the job faster. Get a new one from the nearest hardware store or borrow from a neighbour if you have none.

Pruning and trimming your plants and bushes also keep the garden thriving this autumn. As you do your garden maintenance, pay attention to weeds and pests. Make sure you get to apply pest-repellent remedies that aren’t harmful to your garden produce.

In terms of lawn mowing, it’s vital that you know the correct method and height of the grass. That way, you won’t hinder its growth and help encourage photosynthesis. It would be easier if you’re aware of the grass type on your lawn.

Your local garden experts can assist you with the right treatment to use for its survival.

Once you’ve done all the maintenance checks, look at your indoor needs.

Give your home interior a new look.

Doing some painting work or adding new features to home changes your mood. Those accent and furnishing pieces that you incorporate into your living room, kitchen or bedroom that encourage comfort.

Likewise, when you use autumn-inspired colours to welcome the beautiful ambience in. Whether it’s a shade of orange or yellow that you want for your room, or a brown couch to display in the living space, it simply promotes cheerfulness and warmth. Who doesn’t love to snuggle with those nature-themed furniture pieces that give the room a cosy atmosphere?

A beautiful piece of artwork affixed to the dining wall with refurbished tables and chairs also help to increase comfort levels. In the kitchen, you can mix orange with blue if you prefer to brighten up the room without going overboard.

Plant pots are also great decors to have to give inspiration and help stimulate appetite.

Seal those gaps and crevices (and don’t forget to insulate).

Small cracks or spaces on your doors or windows should not be overlooked. Any unsealed openings on doorknobs, hinges or window frames can be an entry point for cool air to enter. This also prevents the heat from coming out of the room. Getting a trusted handyman to fix those nuisances can be a great idea.

Home insulation also helps reduce heat loss and maintain good ventilation. One of the most important fittings to insulate is your water pipe. Although in most states, temperature doesn’t go below freezing point, it’s safe to have those exposed pipes insulated (using foam wraps or heating tape) for protection.

Likewise, your roof space should also be kept secured with proper thermal insulation. A professional roof insulation service can help you determine what type (polyester, sheep wool, etc) you should use. If existing insulating materials are installed, it’s good to have them checked. In doing so, you will know whether replacing or adding a few sheets is necessary.

Having the appropriate type and quantity along with the correct installation process can help lessen energy costs.

Clean up the busiest area of your house.

Practically, your kitchen gets the most visits on a daily basis. So who would withhold this spot from getting a rigorous clean-up? While there’s no definite (or ideal) season to schedule deep cleaning for your kitchen, autumn gives you a mix of warm and cool weather that summer or winter couldn’t promise.

Begin by attending to your kitchen wares, utensils, appliances and other features.

  • Temporarily remove the removable parts (crumb tray, filter, baking pan, etc) of the oven to wipe away stains. The outer portion should also be wiped clean using a soft cloth. Don’t wait until moulds begin to build up.
  • Watch out for grease, dirt and stains on your tiling floor. Check the spaces in between, does it need regrouting or just scrubbing?
  • Wash the benchtop and splashback with soapy water to remove odour, oil and smudges.
  • Before you forget, make sure to empty your garbage bins and wash them thoroughly.
  • Declutter the fridge and wipe the inner (and outer) part from top to bottom to draw out stain marks and other traces of dirt.

The cabinetry, chairs and tables are other features to take into account. By that, you can easily identify if there are areas that demand maintenance checks.

Now, take up your pen and paper to make a list of things to accomplish this autumn. Some tradies also work best during these days.

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