Why Autumn Is The Best Season To Paint Your House

Geographical temperatures says a lot about the ideal season for painting. We know that among the hottest countries in the world, Australia is high up the list.

Whether you live in a tropical or sub-equatorial zone, the fact that you’re situated in the region reminds you of its warm, friendly weather.

It doesn’t matter if you need (or prefer) to have your house painted in spring, summer or winter, but why is autumn the best time for house painting?

Autumn has decreased humidity levels.

Humidity is reduced during autumn. That means moisture is less likely to occur in these days. If you think about repainting your homes exterior, 10 to 30 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature range to consider.

Working beyond that level can make the drying process a bit hard to achieve. Although there are paint brands that are wet-friendly or can withstand wetter conditions, it’s best to go for natural drying solutions.

As recommended, it’s good to ask your local painting service provider to determine the best month to work on the job. With less amount of moisture, it helps the tradies to perform well and come up with a quality finish.

Cosmetic (and structural) damage will be prevented.

Although it’s a minor issue, it pays to have someone who can easily spot signs of damage in your property. If left unattended, your power bills might double up when the cold weather sets in late-March.

You might consider fixing caulk failures, mould marks and peeled off paint to keep your indoor properly ventilated. Heating systems and insulation can help reduce heat loss, but you wouldn’t want to spend more on something that you have control of, do you?

Hiring a reputable painter who can do painting jobs and manage minor repairs is a wise move during this season.

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You have more time than in summer or winter.

When it’s summer, people usually go with their loved ones to do some festival hopping and other outdoor activities that you can think of. Unlike during winter, you probably prefer to stay indoors and cuddle with your soft cushions to warm yourself up on weekends.

The autumn breeze makes the negotiation and waiting process better, if not perfect.

Most painting contractors love to take jobs during Autumn.

The drier the weather, the quicker the job can be completed. With less downtime and fast turnaround, your professional painter is less likely to hesitate to take up the project.

The autumn season also helps to lower down the possibility of exhaustion among your hired tradies. Unlike the summer heat that can easily suck out your energy while working, the fair weather makes the job easier and less tiresome.

Dryer conditions also keep them from getting into accidents. So if you’re planning to renovate your room or beautify your facade, consider the autumn days. Your painting experts will surely thank you for that.

Plan Your Home Painting In Advance

Too much heat won’t be that beneficial as it quickly dries up the paint applied on the surface. Likewise, a drop in temperature can hinder the process.

While it appears ideal to get on with your painting project during the not-so-hot-and-not-so-cold days, it’s better to call out your prospective painters and hire the best one. You can never go wrong with that.

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