How to calculate the cost of roof painting?

A roof’s lifespan typically lasts for up to 20 years. Or maybe more, depending on the roofing materials installed.

The good thing about roofs is there are simplest yet effective ways to lengthen their life expectancy. One of the popular methods is through painting. Since this is a home improvement project, many will immediately start to calculate the cost of roof painting.

How should you calculate the cost of roof painting?

The best way to calculate the cost of roof painting is by adding all the factors that influence the cost. Here are the major contributors that every homeowner should consider.

Roof Size

Painters are usually giving their quotation per square metre. With this, homeowners can expect that painting large roofing systems have higher costs.

To ensure that you will get the accurate size, hire a trusted roofer to do the routine inspection. This will not only determine the accurate size of the roof, but also the roof’s condition.

Roof Condition

Determining the current state of the roof’s condition helps painters to know how much work they need to add on the preparation work. Some of the roof’s conditions are ageing due to excessive exposure to various rain and other weather condition types.


The accessibility is good to consider as this will provide convenience for the painter. It will only contribute to the cost if the painter will require to rent specific equipment in order to access the roof easily.

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The cost always varies per State. There are some that have a low cost for roof painting and labour fee, but there are also some that charge more. This is due to the unique requirement per State (e.g. weather conditions).

In general, the more difficult the situation is, the more work it will require.

As of today, Queensland’s painters charge the lowest cost for painting a roof. It starts at $750 (painting job) or $35 (painter’s hourly rate). In New South Wales, painters charge the highest cost ($1,000 or $50).

Preparation Work

The preparation stage usually contains the cleaning task. This is to ensure that the painter will have a safe working place while performing the job. At the same time, this will provide the best result when the paint has been applied.

The cleaning tasks that painters normally do include power washing, removing dust or leaves, and scrubbing the grease off. Other additional maintenance or repair tasks that may require will depend on the shape and age of the roof – flat or pitched roofs.

Roof Paint

Last on the list to consider is the roof paint. The cost per roof paint differs on its quality. So, it’s safe to assume that great quality can cost more.

For roof painting, there are 3 coating types that painters can use and these are polyurethane, silicone, and water-based roof coatings.

  • The polyurethane roof coating is best to use for the roof due to its impact resistance. There are different types of polyurethane roof coating. Though they are all effective, it’s still wise to choose the roof coating that effectively provides UV protection.
  • Since environment-friendly products are popular nowadays, paint manufacturers are encouraged to adopt this on their products. For roof painting, the silicone roof coating is a good option to take.

The advantage of silicone to other roof coating type is its effectivity on ponding situations. Water or humid can even further the progress of curing. This is why painters opt to apply this to a flat roof or on location with frequent raining/humid.

  • For most climates, painters opt to choose water-based roof coating such as acrylic. This roof coating is highly reflective and UV resistant. To guarantee a great result, it’s best to apply this roof coating when the location’s temperature hits 50°.

The cost is the common reason many hesitate to do home improvement such as roof painting. This is the reason some painters show their formula so homeowners can calculate the cost of roof painting themselves. From there, they can make a reasonable budget. Also, this will give them the opportunity to decide whether the roof needs repainting or total replacement.

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