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How Much Does Professional Upholstery Cost?

After considering all the contributing factors that affect the overall cost of reupholstering, the next step is to ask the upholsterers and inquire about their reupholstery prices.

Upholsterers normally provide price quotes upon knowing the size of work and other requirements involved.

To give you an idea, here’s a list of the average cost that upholsterers charge to homeowners.

Reupholstery Labour Charge

1. Simple Reupholstery

simple reupholstery covers minor replacement of fabric, springs, padding or webbing strips. Upholsterer charge homeowners depending on the materials’ quantity and required for the replacement. The usual reupholstery prices for furniture starts at $250 (conventional furniture), and $450 (vintage pieces).

2. Cushion Reupholstery
Expect to Pay $17.50 to $250 per piece. Prices may change depending on many factors such as the size of the cushion, type of fillings, and more. It’s ideal to asks this to the professional upholsterer before starting the job.

3. Reupholstering dining room chairs
The price of reupholstering a dining room chair ranges from $35 to $100 per piece. However, the price only covered the seat part, if you want to have a back reupholstery as well, expect more cost. For a full reupholstery, the price may start at $45 up.

Note: The fabric is not included in the price. You need to add $20 or above (depending on the quality) per yard. If the chair has a standard size, the required fabric size you need is around 7 yards.

4. For footstools or ottoman, upholsterer usually charges their customers starting at $95.

5. Reupholstering recliners are much more costly compared to couches. The work is much more complex as upholsterers need to work on its framework, mechanism, padding and leather materials. For this reason, upholsterers usually charge their customers starting at $500 per piece. If it contains a design such as a tufted tub, there will be an additional cost for it.

6. For reupholstering lounges, the prices will vary on the lounge-type, design, and size.

  • Chaise lounge costs $550
  • 3-Piece lounge suite costs $1,250
  • Outdoor lounge with Chaise costs $1,750

7. Reupholstering single-bed heads cost starts from $150. The increase in price will vary on the type of bed heads to reupholster (timber or metal) and the size of it.

Please note that the above reupholstering prices may still change depending on the upholsterers’ preference. Upholsterers set their prices differently. There are some who will include on their prices all the work required and materials to use. But there are also some who based their service prices on accordance with their experience level. It’s best to clarify all of these matter to the upholsterer before hiring them.

Featured Photo Courtesy of meubelenenmeer via Pixabay 

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