Upholstery Repair

When to take your couch to an upholstery repair service?

Attempting to fix major padding or framing issues won’t guarantee seamless results. If the damage requires complex repairs, it’s best to take your couch to an upholstery repair service.

Burn holes, broken seams or springs and pet damage are only a few aspects that call for repairs. Dealing with such issues may not require the need of transporting your furniture to an upholstery repair shop. But if what looks like a minor problem begins to worsen as time passes, it may be high time to entrust it to a professional upholstery repair service.

So to help you save money for replacement, consider how furniture repairs are important.

Check out the following signs to drive you to your local upholstery repair shop for careful assessment:

Sagging sofa

It’s without a doubt that you have to pay special attention to your couch if the structure and functionality are at stake. It applies to all whether it’s a sofa bed or a single-function couch that you use when working from home or playing a computer game.

Most upholstery repair service providers cite sagging as one of the most usual complaints by homeowners. What you thought was a durable padded furniture piece would actually sag over time due to frequent use. Not only can the problem be frustrating but it also affects your time of rest and relaxation.

So if you notice a sign of sagging on your couch, it could be the result of poorly attached springs or worn-out cushions. If you have no idea about how it started or what caused it to occur, have a qualified tradie to inspect it. Issues originating from old padding can have cushion replacement as a solution.

Loose or broken springs

Spring issues stem from either improper attachment or frequency of use. When you begin to notice a creaky sound every time you sit down or switch position, consider checking the problem underneath.

If a portion of that group is bent or twisted, you can simply use pliers to fix it until it gets back to its original shape. However, only specialised tools such as spring stretcher tool should be used to carry out the task. Taking it to a reputable upholstery repair shop can ease out the process and give you peace of mind.

Getting the right tradie to determine the exact type of spring (zig-zag, coiled, etc)  used for your couch can find a way to replace those that are broken. This also helps to guarantee your safety and protect your finances from significant replacement cost.

Cracked frame

Internal structural repairs such as removing a broken or damaged wood frame should be best left to a professional upholstery repair service shop. Likewise, rotted wood planks should be disposed of to avoid affecting other boards. Screws should be replaced as well.

Attaching a new piece can help to retain its durability. And it often involves removing the springs and the fabric. If you think of doing the job alone, have someone to assist you. But if you have no other alternatives, your best bet is to take your couch to an upholstery centre. Doing so could be beneficial as the process presents potential risks.

What to expect from your local upholsterer?

  • A reliable upholstery repair specialist comes to your house to do a visual inspection
  • After a thorough check, he goes to tell you whether the problem is simple or complicated
  • Minor repairs such as patching up a piece of fabric cloth on the hole can take about less than an hour up to 90 minutes
  • Major repairs such as complex frame restructuring and foam replacement may need to be transported to an upholstery repair shop
  • Depending on the difficulty of the job or number of upholstered furniture that needs repairs, the tradie may commence the actual work
  • Upholstery repair specialists are armed with high-quality kits and replacement parts that are compatible with the sofa’s original foam and fabric
  • Expect to have seamless repairs in every nook and cranny of the couch

Urgency is the secret

The key to extending the life expectancy of your couch is to prioritise repairs. Taking immediate action after noticing these signs can help save your precious couch from wearing out completely. If you choose to seek early advice from a reliable upholstery repair service expert, you can keep yourself from buying a new one (which costs a higher percentage than that of repairs).

As much as possible, avoid resorting to replacement as your safest option. Consult the nearest upholstery repair shop and expect to have a beautifully restored couch that you can enjoy in the years to come.

In need of a professional tradie to tackle the repairing tasks on your behalf? Get a qualified and experienced upholsterer to help bring your couch back to its normal shape and condition – or make it look better for greater satisfaction.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay 

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