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What are the different types of upholstery services?

Everyone aims to make a great first impression. For properties, the recommended way to achieve this is by keeping the furniture in great condition. This is possible by choosing the right upholstery services for their furniture.

What are the different types of upholstery services?

Note: The following services are included in residential and commercial upholstery services.

Upholstery Cleaning

Nobody likes dirty furniture’ upholstery. To ensure it will always look good as new, hire a professional upholsterer that specialises in cleaning all types of upholstery materials.

To determine which of the companies provide the best cleaning upholstery services you should know their process and the type of cleaning solution they used. Understanding the cleaning process can give you an idea of how meticulous the professional upholsterer (of a certain company) works.

For the cleaning solution, choose the company that offers an effective and environmentally-friendly (as possible) cleaning detergent. These types of cleaning solution are highly-recommended because it dries easily and can keep the cleanliness much longer. Also, it has been proven to be more hygienic and friendlier to human, particularly with pets and children.

Upholstery Repair

It’s natural for furniture to acquire damages over time of use. These damages may occur in any parts of the furniture, the frame, support, padding, and fabric. Some damages have simple repair solution. But there are damages that are too complex and serious that only a professional upholsterer can do the repair job.

Most homeowners wonder when the best time is to replace furniture upholstery. The three best answers are: knowing the age of the furniture, whether the problem lies in its structural damage and if there are bed bugs on it.

Upholstery Restoration

Decorating your home with antiques or any period furniture are becoming a norm these days. No one can blame anyone as vintage adds a classic mood setting on your property. Aside from its appeal, the antique is also environmentally-friendly which means that it can be recycled and reused in the future.

If you have one, the best method to maintain its timeless beauty is by upholstery restoration. But be mindful that the work scope for these type of upholstery services only involve cosmetic repairs and some light cleaning.


The work included in upholstery services is not only designed to resolve damages. Reupholstery is one of the services that focus on highlighting the furniture’ unique features by changing the design or colour of the upholstery.

Reupholster is typically done after a renovation or changing the interior design of a room. The furniture’ design doesn’t match the new room. The work techniques used on re-upholstery services are inspection, removal of layers, replacement of webs and springs, stuffing, deep buttoning, and finishing.

Customised Upholstery design

If the above-mentioned upholstery services don’t pique your interest perhaps, what you’re looking for is a brand new and unique design. Then, you must look for a professional upholsterer who has years of experience in creating high-quality custom-designed furniture upholstery.

Residential vs. Commercial Upholstery Services

At first glance, all property space may seem to look the same. But the truth is there is a huge difference between residential and commercial property space. So, treating it the same is not advisable.

For furniture upholstery, the obvious difference of commercial property to residential is, it has tons of code standard (.e.g. cleaning) to follow to ensure everyone’s safety. Another reason is since commercial property caters more people, it’s smart to invest in product and fabric that are known for durability and ease in cleaning.

Residential and commercial upholstery services offer the same job. But rest assured that its’ work scope is tailored fit on the needs of each property space. To understand more about the difference between residential and commercial upholstery services, and their work scope call a professional upholsterer for assistance!

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