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Before and After Furniture Restoration Photos

Furniture restoration is an effective method to preserve a piece of vintage furniture’s beauty and value. The common work that is included with furniture restoration is cleaning, modifications, scratch and crack repairs, re-covering and re-staining.

To give you a clear idea how furniture restoration works, here are few samples of it:

Vintage Record Cabinet

Today, a record cabinet may seem not to be as useful as it was back in the ‘70s. But as a storage unit, it still does. If you have one of these, one good way that you can restore it is by re-painting and re-designing it.

Take the below picture, for example, the owner has cleaned the cabinet, re-painted it with a vibrant colour and drew a black floral design. For the finishing touches, the owner spray painted it with a glossy finishing.

From an old and dingy record cabinet, now, it can be used as a nightstand or coffee table.

Vintage Record CabinetPhoto Courtesy of Melissa via flickr

If you want a totally different design, you can consider transforming it into a storage bench with cushion.  This is a smart move as it adds new functionality to your home. You can do this by adding foam on top of it then cover it with your preferred fabric.

Faded Wooden Table

Scratches and discolouration are just some of the problems that may arise from wooden furniture. For these problems, the furniture restoration service you can consider is furniture repair. This service includes sanding and staining.

Faded Wooden TablePhoto Courtesy of Sean Freese via flickr

If there are scratches, the solution will depend on how deep the damage is. For minor scratches, a mild cleaner or a stain pen may work. But for deeper scratches, it’s best for a furniture restoration expert to do the job. They can guarantee to restore the vintage furniture with the utmost care to prevent harming the wood’s quality and its’ carved design (if there’s any).

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Broken Bed

For a broken bed, the furniture restorators will determine first the material it was made of. For wood, the required work includes the following:

    • Furniture repair – conditioning each piece and assemble it.
    • Polishing
  • Re-painting/re-staining

Take the below pictures as an example. The furniture restorators retain the shape and size of the bed. But they update its’ appearance by replacing its’ traditional-looking headboard with diamond tufted-designed headboard.

Broken BedPhoto Courtesy of Orin Zebest and ErikaWittlieb via flickr and Pixabay

Tip: For pet-owners, it’s recommended to choose the best material that can clean easily and durable enough to withstand your pet’s sharp claws. These are helpful factors to make your furniture last long and save money from tons of furniture repair. The materials that you can consider are leather, canvas, synthetic fabric, tweed, and silk.

The furniture’ role is to add a decorative touch to make the home cozy and inviting. At the same time, it maximises the efficiency of every room by adding function. Unfortunately, everything has a limit. The average life span of most furniture nowadays can last between 7 to 15 years. But there’s nothing to worry about because there are plenty of furniture repair and restoration experts that are ready to assist you!

Featured Photo Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

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