Upholstery Repair

Should you use home upholstery repair kits?

This question can make you (or anyone) think that DIY is actually an option. For all we know, using home upholstery repair kits is also beneficial in case of emergency.

Think about it. Qualified upholsterers make use of the necessary home upholstery repair kit, so why shouldn’t you?

What are the basic tools and materials to use for your upholstered furniture (couch, wing chair, etc)?

    • Fabric
    • Spoon
    • Pliers
    • Scissors
    • Staple gun
    • Upholstery pins and needles
    • Hog rings
    • Nylon thread
    • Fabric glue
  • Liquid sealant

There’s nothing wrong with having a repair kit as a fallback when a tradie doesn’t show up. It’s also a plus when you know some basic knowledge about upholstery repairs.

But you have to understand the possibility of ending up with a mess (or worsening the damage) if you or your husband attempts to do the job alone.

Why should you use home upholstery repair kits when dealing with fixes?

Failure to use proper home upholstery repair kits can make the process harder (and risky). Do you have an old, worn-out sofa that requires a cushion replacement?

How about broken springs that need fixing or a burn-hole that calls for patching up?

For instance, loose springs that lead to sagging issues should be carefully checked. In this way, you’ll know if it needs a complete replacement.

Calling out a local in-home upholstery repair tradie is recommended to assess the situation and safely attach new springs when necessary.

What other benefits you can acquire from getting a professional in-home upholstery repair service?

    • You’ll be at peace knowing they’re adept in using home upholstery repair tools
    • Their experience in taking measurements far exceeds your expectation
    • They offer fast and reliable procedures (with high-quality repair kits on hand)
    • The work can be done in the comforts of your home (unless the complexity requires it)
  • Reputable tradies provide top-of-the-line replacement parts for quality assurance

Minor repairs will take them roughly 45 to 120 minutes to complete the procedure.

On the other hand, major repairs may need the help of a removalist to pick up the damaged furniture and take it to the repair shop.

Your upholstered chair or any other furniture will be delivered back to your house upon completion.

Take the DIY out of the list, and there’ll be no other option.

Looking after your kids and your property can already be tough. More so when you try to carry out a task that upholstery specialists can easily fulfil.

Keeping an arsenal of repair kits prepares you when a handy neighbour or a DIY-geek friend volunteers to help you with the fixes.

But for safety and time-saving benefits, it’s best to let the pro take care of the process.

Your in-home upholstery repair specialist will schedule a visit to know and resolve your concerns.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Annie Spratt via Unsplash 

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