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How to repair sofa upholstery?

Like with other furniture, sofas are meant to have a long and expanded life. You’ll easily spot irregularities or issues if you know how to repair sofa upholstery with the help of a qualified tradie.

With constant use, your couch can be prone to any possibilities of damage. But before attempting to buy a new piece, consider how a thorough fix can help bring your couch back to being useful (and beautiful) as it was.

Here’s how to repair sofa upholstery when signs of damage are showing:

How to repair sofa upholstery when the fabric gets torn?

The torn fabric shouldn’t be overlooked, and amending a tear doesn’t have to be costly. Make sure to:

  1. Inspect other sections of the couch for possible upholstery tears before patching up the affected spot.
  2. Go to your nearest hardware and buy the necessary materials such as pieces of high-quality fabric, upholstery pin, fabric glue and scissors. Sewing kits are also an option.
  3. Cut a piece of fabric (linen, canvas, etc) larger than the size of the rip.
  4. Put the upholstery patch underneath the torn area after peeling back the gashed portion.
  5. Stitching is also an alternative way of attaching the patch onto the couch. This should be done seamlessly. You can always watch a tutorial video as a guide.

Remember that choosing a fabric type is as crucial as picking the right colour and style. Consider asking a professional upholsterer for advice when in doubt. If you can’t find the exact piece, you can refer back to your couch and cut a portion of fabric at the lower back of the furniture.

How to repair sofa upholstery when loose springs are suspected?

It can be a nuisance (and slightly risky) to sit on a couch with loose or worse, broken springs. To lessen the difficulty of repairs, you can:

  1. First, check the couch if you sense something unusual sound or feeling while applying pressure on every part of it.
  2. If you do, flip the couch upside down to see if a spring or two came loose. Let your husband or a close relative assist you as you do this.
  3. Remove the fabric concealing the frame and the springs to see the springs clearly and without obstruction. You can peel it back or use scissors for cutting.
  4. Identify the type of springs used. Is it zig-zag shaped or coiled? That way you’ll know how each is normally attached.
  5. Reattach the springs with their corresponding brackets. Then put an exact size of fabric on the bottom of the couch using a staple gun.

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Note: If one section of springs gets broken, replacement is required. This process can easily be done by a qualified tradie. It’s better to entrust the job to a professional than rushing to fix the problem with no or little experience.

How does sofa upholstery repair cost?

One of the initial aspects to consider is the price range of every furniture repair job. Becoming familiarised with the sofa upholstery repair cost also helps you organise your finances. The type of fabric (cotton, linen, etc), spring and frame used for your furniture are important factors that determine the price. The number of yards required for fabrics can also influence the overall cost.

The standard costs for fabrics range from $40 to $50 per yard and can reach up to $250 for premium grade materials. You also have to take into account the hourly or per-session charges of upholstery repair specialists.

For couches with complex damages, the estimated price of reupholstering a sofa is around  $550 plus the GST (Goods and Services Tax). Not to mention the size, style and labour fees which add up to the expenses.

Ask a reliable furniture repair business if paying the standard sofa upholstery repair cost is worthwhile. You can trust them to tell you if the couch needs to be reupholstered or replaced with a new one. So you won’t have to waste your investments on something that doesn’t guarantee long-term benefits.

DIY or Hire?

Whether you choose to DIY or rely on upholstery experts, it’s best to breakdown the differences in terms of cost and convenience. If it’s a simple tear to address, both you and your husband may do the process. But if the problem affects the structural aspect of the furniture, make no second thoughts. Get help from the professionals and they’ll be more than willing to listen and give resolutions to your furniture repair problems.

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