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4 Signs That Your Chairs Need Reupholstering

Age is the common basis to determine the best time to reupholstering chairs. But this is not always accurate as there are chairs that surpassed their life expectancy.

Professional upholsterers advise that the most accurate approach to determining if the chairs need reupholstering is by thorough visual inspection.

Here are the signs that you need to look at.

1. Damaged material

Reupholster is a smart solution to hide the furniture imperfections. The imperfections refer to the damages that the furniture has acquired from years of usage such as brittleness, discolouration, and stains.

The main causes of these damages are any of the following:

  • Excessive exposure to extreme temperature – both cold and hot
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Accidental spills and pets’ urine (if you have any)
  • Used wrong type of cleaning solutions

For reupholstering chairs, a good upholsterer will advise you on what materials will work on your needs and what’s not. But just to be safe, after reupholstering the chair, you must place it in an area where these destructive elements couldn’t reach it. This is a helpful factor to preserve your newly reupholstered furniture for years.

2. Saggy Cushion

Does your chair cushion a little saggy? Or maybe, it’s uncomfortable to sit on because of its flatness? Fluffing is a good solution to get it back on its shape. But if this doesn’t work, or any techniques at all, it’s a clear sign that you need to reupholstering chairs cushions.

The secret for the cushion to last longer and stays comfortable lies in the filling. The best filling available today are high-density foam, feathers and down, and polyester.

The foam is the typical option for cushion filling of it’s flexible to use in a different environment. Manufacturers offer two types of foam: low-density and high-density. The high-density is a much better investment because it is more resilient to sagging and wears. But overall, both types are good to use particularly for people who need comfortable and steady back support.

Feather and down become a popular choice because of its’ softness. The key to its softness is stuffing the right ratio of the feathers and down. The only downside of this filling is the feathers can’t dry off easily when exposed to water. If this is your chosen filling, it’s recommended to protect the cushion with waterproof covers.

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Also, feather and down require continuous fluffing over time to prevent them from getting an uneven shape.

For anyone with a strict budget and who want lesser work for maintenance, polyester is the best filling to choose for the cushion. Polyester filling is easy to maintain because it is washable and hold its shape, even after washing. Like foam, manufacturers offer several types, and each has its advantages.

One of its famous choices is the faux down polyester. The texture and softness feeling is the same with down filling. Its’ only advantage is it is safe for anyone with feather allergies.

3. Foul smell

A funky odour coming from the furniture is not always a sign that you need to reupholster the furniture. You first need to find the source of the smell and its cause. If you smell an ammonia-like odour, the possible cause is animal urine. The good thing about urine smell and the stain is its solution are available in every store or make it yourself using natural ingredients.

Tips: If you are going to buy the solution in stores, only purchase the water-based cleaning solution.

But if you smell a musty odour, the possible cause may come from water spill or moist from the basement (if it stock for a long time). This is the type of odour that needs reupholstering as the problem may lead to mould growth, which is a health hazard.

4. Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs are popular choices for dining and outdoor chairs. But over time, few parts of it soften up and its fabric loosens and become worn. If this is the state of your wooden chair, it’s wise to have it reupholstered.

Reupholstering chairs can be done through DIY projects. But it is highly recommended to entrust this job to a professional upholsterer. This is because it contains a task that requires using electric tools such as an electric stapler and webbing stretcher. These are the type of tools that can cause harm if the user is not familiar with its function.

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