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When to repair your sofa upholstery?

Repairing your sofa upholstery is not always the first choice. But some people prefer it because they don’t want to waste good-quality furniture.

If you are hesitant whether to replace or repair your sofa upholstery, here are a few of the sofa upholstery damages that can be solved with repair services:

1. Cosmetic Issues

The sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that receives lots of traffic, both made by humans and family pets. This is the reason cosmetic issues become the common damage of sofa upholstery. Two common damages to sofas are:

  • Small holes, rips, and cracks are considered minor problems. But it’s highly recommended to fix it immediately before it spread out and lead to a serious problem. The good thing about these damages is they can be both repaired either by a professional sofa repair and upholstery specialist or yourself (homeowners).

If you are planning DIY, the best method to used to repair your sofa upholstery are patching or sewing.

  • Dirty stains, discolouration, and shrinkage are the cosmetic issues caused by using the wrong type of cleaning solution. If you choose to do it yourself, it’s best to read the manufacturer’s manual and sofa tag to know the type of fabric used and specific instruction for cleaning.

To know the right cleaning solution to use is by familiarizing yourself with the cleaning code. There are 3 cleaning code: W (water-based), S/W (Solvents and water-based cleaners) and S (Solvents).

Though these damages can be repaired by following a DIY-friendly guide, it still wise to seek professional’s assistance to clean your sofa upholstery. Mainly because they know the proper way to clean it using the safest cleaning solution – both to the sofa upholstery fabric and your health.

2. Worn-out Cushions

A sofa wouldn’t be complete without fluffy and comfortable cushions. If yours are worn-out, the best way to repair this is by re-stuffing.

You can do this by removing the old filling and clean the fabric. Then, measure the cushion’s dimension. The measurement will serve as your guide in buying the exact size or quantity of the filing. If you choose feather and down for the filling, its best to fluff it upon sealing to get it into the shape of the cushion.

This can also be repaired either by yourself or a professional sofa repair and upholstery specialist.

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3. Sofa Structural Damage

Upon hearing this type of damage, many will immediately think it is for replacing than repair. That’s not always the case, there is some sofa upholstery structural damage that can still be saved through repairs. These damages include the following:

  • Damaged spring

The spring works with the frame and filling of the sofa to prevent sagging and provide good back and seating support. If the spring got broken, the repair will determine depending on the type of spring used. For example, the spring on your sofa is a serpentine spring. This spring will need to re-tie then attach it again on its clips.

Tips: To test if the spring has been repaired correctly, you need to sit on the corner edge of the sofa. Once it made a sound like squeaks, it means it has been incorrectly repaired.

  • Broken sofa frame

This is the type of structural damage that requires immediate repair action. This is to prevent the damage to spread out, leading to its destruction.

Other sofa structures that can be repaired are broken feet, deteriorated stitching and damaged webbing. But unlike any other damages, structural repairs can only be performed by a professional sofa repair and upholstery specialist.

Repair is a smart method to extend the sofa upholstery quality and life. But its success will only be guaranteed by the person who performed it. Though DIY is cost-effective, there are possibilities that homeowners may not fully foresee the complexity and amount of work that needed to be done. Or even if they do foresee it, they might not know the exact solution to implement.

To save time and possible stress from repairing your sofa upholstery, hire a reliable professional sofa repair and upholstery specialist!

Featured Photo Courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay 

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