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What to Expect from Window Cleaning Services?

DIY homeowners want the satisfaction of doing projects on their own instead of hiring someone to do the work for them. A perfect example is for window cleaning. It makes them feel proud of themselves to accomplish this task correctly. Aside from this, they like the fact that they can save money. But is it advisable to perform DIY most of the time? Does the method of DIY have the same results as hiring professional window cleaning services?

If you are wondering what you should expect from window cleaning professionals, then you have come across the right post. Below we outline what customers can usually expect when hiring a window cleaning specialist.

Complete Set of Equipment for Cleaning

A cleaning service is expected to be a top notch when it comes to streak-free shine and quick dry time. To accomplish this, they need high-quality window cleaning equipment that can accommodate high traffic of customers since it is their main livelihood and businesses want to be ahead in their industry. Expect that they are willing to pay for the high-quality products.

Professional cleaning businesses are also equipped with scaffolding and ladders needed to reach high up windows. Most of the time, homeowners try to tackle high up windows themselves, but they cannot do it safely. Hiring a window cleaning professional ensures they know the different methods of cleaning depending on the type of window.

Ample Time for Cleaning

There are things that you need to prioritise aside from windows cleaning. Plus, while you may be a one-person team, a cleaning service may bring more people depending on the number of windows you have. You don’t need to waste your entire day cleaning your windows if there are professionals who can do it better than you and have the time to do the task correctly.

Cost-Saving Benefits

It’s true that you will spend more on hiring a window cleaning specialist. However, having your windows regularly and adequately maintained means their life is going to be longer. The accumulation of dirt and grime can take years off your windows. Spending some time each year on cleaning and maintaining could save thousands down the track.

Curb Appeal

Clean windows boost the overall appearance of your home. It will look better, and your windows will be easier to open and close. Remember, the current look and state of your windows can tell a lot on how the inside of your home looks like. It even reflects the kind of lifestyle you have. If you are busy, it’s highly suggested to hire a glass cleaner contractor instead of letting the grime and dust build up to start.

Vast Experience in the Industry

One of the most important things to expect from professional window cleaners is their experience. If the services have been in the business for many years and have lots of good feedback, then they might be doing something exemplary that sets them apart from their competitors. Check on the trade who will be doing the job for you. If there is no available references, you can always ask for verification.

Good First Impression

When it comes to service, first impressions are everything. If your first contact is over the phone, ask yourself what kind of impression the representative left you with. Were they accommodating and polite? Did they handle you professionally? If most of your answers are yes, then you may feel more confident if you have found the right window cleaning solution for your needs.

Liability Insurance

If you are hiring a window cleaning professional, liability insurance is recommended. If there will ever be an accident or any mishaps, you want to make sure that they carry adequate insurances, or you could be liable for all costs. A reputable cleaning service should have liability insurance to ensure that all incidents will be covered under the policy. To be extra cautious, you may want to ask them to provide you with a copy of the policy before signing anything.

Check out these considerations before you make final hiring decisions:

  • Does the window cleaning provider have liability insurance?
  • Does the business belong to any window cleaning association?
  • Do they have references that you can talk to regarding their services?
  • Do they provide free quotes and estimates?
  • Do they offer discounts and special offers to first-time customers?
  • What methods do they use for their window cleaning service?
  • Do they have all the equipment needed to carry out the cleaning task?

Make sure that you know all these things before you engage on window cleaning services to work on your windows. You can hire a window cleaning professional cleaning through HIREtrades. Try us and see what makes our service different.

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