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Hiring a Professional TV Bracket Installer

A TV bracket installer is the right person to call for mounting a TV on a wall. Hanging your TV on a wall is a great way to save space at home as it lessens the need for a bulky TV stand or console.

Additionally, a wall-mount TV adds a cinematic feel to your entertainment room or living room – it almost feels like you’re watching in your own movie theatre. TV wall bracket installation is not that simple – we highly recommend hiring a professional to help you with this.

But before you hire the first TV bracket installer you run into, we suggest you familiarize yourself with their services.

TV Bracket Installation Services

A TV bracket installation is more than just hanging a TV on a wall. Here is a breakdown of their services:

  • New TV installation – A flat-screen TV is a fragile piece of equipment that you don’t want to handle carelessly. TV bracket installers have experience in installing all kinds of TVs – including wiring, tuning and setting up with a compatible sound system.
  • Wall mounting – TV bracket installation services have all the necessary tools and equipment to mount all TV models in a wide variety of areas – from the living room to the backyard. You can also choose from a standard mount or a movable mount with tilting and swiveling features.
  • Conference room setups – A wall-mount TV is also useful in conference rooms where presentations are necessary for meetings and pitches. A TV bracket installer will determine the best position for your TV and install it seamlessly.
  • Equipment installation – TV bracket installers can also install antennas, tv cables, and sound systems when necessary.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Bracket Installer? 

A TV bracket installation starts at $149 for the most basic mount and setup, with extra costs for additional services such as a sound system installation, home theatre setup, antenna upgrade and the like. It’s best to prepare around $300 – $400 to be safe.

How To Choose a Bracket Installer

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time hiring someone to mount your TV – these pointers will help you choose a wall mount service you won’t regret:

  • Always do your research before hiring anyone. Luckily, most professional services have an online presence nowadays. Search for companies with a good track record and substantial experience.
  • Choose a company that provides a warranty for their mounting parts. This gives you an assurance that any costs from damages will be covered in case any problem arises.
  • Hire a company with good customer service. You will get an idea of how a company treats their customers through online reviews.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Bracket Installer?

You may think that mounting a TV on your wall is simple enough to DIY, but the truth is that many find this job stressful and difficult to accomplish. Hiring a professional is a minimal expense that ensures seamless results that won’t cause a lot of problems.

Below are the benefits of hiring a professional to mount your TV:

  • Professional bracket installers invest in high-quality equipment and tools – you won’t have to worry about damages to your interior walls.
  • Bracket installers provide services from start to finish – from inspection of your area to installation and cleanup. You’ll have free time to relax, work or do your errands while a professional handles everything.
  • In case of any installation errors, a professional TV bracket installer is obliged to revisit the installation and complete any back job.

Get Quotes From a Professional TV Bracket Installer 

HIREtrades is a helpful online tool where various tradesmen in several industries are ready to help you in any home improvement project. You can look for a professional TV bracket installer just by posting your project on our user-friendly platform.

Start by downloading the HIREtrades app or going to hiretrades.com.au. Once you’re in, post all the necessary project details like measurements and the type of TV you want to mount on your wall.

To help you choose the most reliable bracket installer, we allow you to receive the first 3 quotes FREE of charge. Let’s get your TV mounted on the wall asap – post your project on HIREtrades today.

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