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Hire a Bricklayer Near You

Whether you need to build retaining walls or add sturdy pillars for your home extension project, bricklayers are the best tradies to hire.

Bricklaying is a specialised trade that requires familiarity and expertise to do the job. It is important to choose a professional bricklayer to ensure the longevity of the structure. Here are bricklayer qualifications to consider when hiring.

  • Your local bricklayer must be certified and accredited.

    Licensing requirements for bricklaying contractors vary depending on your state. In Victoria, issuing of licences is not required. However, bricklayers must have a Registered Building Practitioner accreditation or work under the supervision of a registered builder.

    In NSW, bricklayers must obtain Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying or General Construction to qualify them for a licence. Always verify their credentials including their training and apprenticeship to hire a reliable tradie.

  • Your local bricklayer must be skilled and experienced.

    Reputable bricklaying companies employ skilled tradies to ensure high-quality services. If, for example, you need to build a fence, a bricklayer who is more adept at brick fencing should be hired.

    Clearly clarify the details of the job and find an experienced bricklayer who can quickly and efficiently accomplish the project requirements. Check online reviews from previous clients to see how they are satisfied with their service.

  • Your local bricklayer should have proper insurance.

    Hiring a bricklaying contractor with appropriate insurance will help prevent consequential costs. You can request a copy of up-to-date insurance policies such as public liability insurance and income protection insurance to avoid dispute.

Accidents may happen on-site so it is crucial for bricklayers to be fully insured. Always confirm the validity of their insurance before making a decision.

Common Bricklaying Services

Bricklaying trades vary based on the nature of work and the purpose of construction. Whether you are building a brick fireplace or looking for a major brickwork restoration, the process is what separates one bricklaying job from another.

New building

Generally, structural projects that make use of bricks last for several years. One of the most popular materials used by many homeowners is brick veneer, which is often coupled with timber-framed structures.

The cost of brick veneer can be costly since the material is durable and long-lasting. Consider the price of facing and common bricks before making a purchase as they have varied textures and features.


If you have plans on expanding your home to accommodate your growing family or improve your lifestyle, bricks are one of the best materials that you can use for wall alterations or any type of home additions.

The cost will depend on the depth of structural changes bricklayers have to make and other preparation works that need to be undertaken.

Brick fences

Are you looking to replace your old fence with brick fencing? Bricks are a strong choice of material when it comes to durability.

The cost of replacement will add to the actual price of bricklaying. If you need advice on whether to use concrete or clay brick fences, you may seek recommendations from reliable bricklaying contractors in your area.


If you prefer adding a brick fireplace feature on your home, professional fireplace builders can accomplish the job.

Ensure that you choose a qualified bricklayer or brick fireplace builder to increase the possibility of high-quality construction. Client referrals are also effective when looking for the right tradie that suits your needs.

The cost of bricklaying services will vary based on the requirements. Always request a written quotation from prospective bricklayers and choose the best one that offers reasonable rates.

Factors to Consider When Estimating the Cost of Bricklaying Jobs

Many variables including the scope of work, brick and mortar, and location have to be factored in when determining the cost of professional bricklayer services.

Scope of work

The type of bricklaying trade that you require can have an implication on how much you will be charged.

Do you need a professional bricklayer who will work on crack repairs, mortar pointing and brick restoration jobs? Commercial and residential bricklaying projects also have varied costs. Clarify pricing differences with a trusted tradie.

Brick materials

The cost of concrete bricks differs from clay bricks as each type comes in different sizes and levels of durability.

The starting price of concrete bricks is higher than clay bricks, but is less expensive than standard bricks that do not need paint or coating.

Site access

Working in confined areas may require additional equipment to perform the job with high standards of care and precision. Obstructions that need to be removed from the work area demands extra labour, which will have an impact on pricing.

Likewise, the use of scaffolding on-site to ensure the safety of bricklayers may incur extra fees.


Bricklayers in Western Australia have varied rates compared to bricklaying professionals in other states. Discuss pricing details with a bricklayer to plan your budget. Get free quotes from several contractors and compare them side by side.

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