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Renovations and additions are becoming popular among property owners. Some do it to increase the aesthetics and value of their property while others embark on a construction project to add living spaces in their homes for their growing families. 

In any kind of project, it is essential to have carefully thought out plans and specifications for the improvement of the building. To achieve superior results, engage professional brick alteration services. 

Bricklaying is one of the most favoured building processes and it matches well with any home design. It involves building a structure using individual slabs with mortar between their surfaces. 

They are chosen as construction materials for their durability and flexibility. With various types, sizes, and colours to choose from, these materials are known to fit most structural designs. 

It has natural thermal and insulating qualities especially if optimised through passive design. This offers savings on electricity bills as it can heat the premises during winter and cool it during summer. 

Construction methods vary. The single-laying technique is one of the most popular. This absorbs hot weather during the day and releases it into the home at night.

It provides comfort by giving a cold temperature when the sun is up. When it tends to get colder at night, it will provide enough warmth to stay snug during sleeping time. 

Another method is double laying the material. It is also called the cavity style. It is a popular choice because of its excellent thermal mass. This means it is effective in keeping the building warm during winter and cold during summer. 

The veneer form has thermal properties and can be insulated.

Brick Wall Addition Services

Bricklaying must not be done by an untrained individual. Hiring a licensed professional bricklayer to do the job is recommended. There are specific skills and experience required for safe and successful completion of the project. 

Some specialise in residential or commercial jobs and they may be hired by a builder for a large-scale project. When engaging contractors, check their history and ask for more information such as the number of years they have been in business if they have warranty and insurances, and other relevant details. 

It is preferable if they have undergone training at a TAFE college with apprenticeships. Most bricklayers charge an hourly rate of around $20 to $40. 

Factors such as a challenging work site, hard to access areas, and having two or more storeys in the building can add up to the final cost. Generally, for 1000 common ones laid, the estimate for labour cost is at $1500 and may go as high as $2500 for 1000 render type on the second storey. 

Getting top brick wall addition services and consultations is crucial. Specialists guarantee superior works that are fully compliant with local council regulations and Australian Standards for your safety and security.

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