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If the exterior finish of your home is made of bricks, it looks attractive and distinct to others. If there are cracks on some parts of the wall due to improper maintenance, deterioration or vehicle damage, it is recommended that the required repair be addressed right away. 

Some think that fencing and repointing a wall are easy do-it-yourself jobs. However, before grabbing your tools and starting the project yourself there are several things to consider such as:

  • It is important to note that repairing loose, crumbling or damaged joints in your house can bear significant costs. The scope of work to be done must be properly identified. Usually, only minimal damage is visible from the outside not necessarily revealing the bigger problems underneath which may actually require immediate major fixing by an experienced tradesman. Householders sometimes disregard hairline cracks unaware that water may penetrate through it which may severely affect other materials of the wall through frost weathering and salt deposition.

  • If any kind of damage is identified then it has to be determined whether it needs service. Normally, old mortar joints cracks must be replaced with the same material as the original using construction tools.

In terms of styles, there is a wide selection to choose from such as flush, raked, round struck and weather point. It is ideal to engage top brick pointing services with trusted experts to be able to ensure the durability of materials.

Professional Brick Restoration Services

Sometimes in an effort to save on expenses like trying to do-it-yourself, more costs are incurred due to lack of experience and the proper skills to do the task. For example, attempting to patch new mortar over the old ones without doing the necessary steps by chiselling does more harm than good.

This does not provide a solid connection between the old and new mortar layers making the joints wider allowing rainwater to penetrate. This method may cost less but it could lead to the weakening of your brickwork which can turn into a bigger problem later on.;

A clean, well-chiselled surface lets the mortar bonds have a more solid, stronger connection. It is a worthwhile investment to hire a specialist for any of your repair needs.

With a vast range of professional brick restoration service consultations, experts bring back the beauty to damaged walls and fences and add to the overall polished look of the place for households to appreciate.

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