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MELBOURNE, VIC (0 km from Melbourne)
Bb bricklaying provide Bricklaying services located in MELBOURNE,VIC. We undertake works such as in MELBOURNE and surrounding areas. Bb bricklaying can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Bricklaying needs.
MELBOURNE, VIC (0 km from Melbourne)
Fast & Precise Excavations & Hammering is a Bricklaying company providing services in MELBOURNE,VIC and nearby areas. We will provide our Bricklaying services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that Fast & Precise Excavations & Hammering is the right business for you.
MELBOURNE, VIC (0 km from Melbourne)
Hawthorn Bricklaying provide Bricklaying services located in MELBOURNE,VIC. We undertake works such as in MELBOURNE and surrounding areas. Hawthorn Bricklaying can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Bricklaying needs.

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How to Find the Best Bricklayers in Melbourne

How to Find the Best Bricklayers in Melbourne

Are you still wondering whether to seek experienced bricklayers for your construction needs in Melbourne?

It may seem like the easier and more cost effective choice to simply put your project in the hands of any old brick and block company or go completely DIY thinking that the difference in the results is negligible.

You are not alone when you think that you are saving money by hiring inexperienced bricklayers or rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work yourself.

Make no mistake, bricklaying is a laborious task that requires specific skills that are honed through experience.

Try cost-cutting and you may find yourself building a money pit due to unnecessary costs you will stumble on in the long run. You are risking more than simply aesthetics by leaving your bricklaying job to amateurs.

For builders who are serious in getting the biggest bang for your buck, there is no better investment than making sure to only seek the best professional bricklaying services in Melbourne.

So, keep reading to find valuable insights and tips to make sure that you only get the best Melbourne bricklayers from the most reputable and leading bricklaying companies.

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Common Types of Bricks used in Constructions

There are different types of bricks ideally suited for every construction need. In the most general sense, bricks are classified based on the raw materials used to make them.

The materials affect the bricks’ weather resisting capability, compressive strength, absorption capacity, etc. Moreover, bricks are also classified by quality.

The 1st class or highest quality bricks are considered to be the most durable and less prone to corrosive environments and can remain intact for more than 100 years, while lesser quality bricks are usually used for temporary construction work.

Don’t worry, professional bricklayers in Melbourne are experts in utilizing the right bricks for every project, but to give you an idea of the main types of bricks used in construction, there is a list below that you can find handy in familiarizing yourself with bricks and their designated use:

Burnt Clay Brick

These are the most widely used bricks in construction, mainly because of how versatile they are.  Cost-wise, the higher quality ones are a bit pricey but in general these bricks fall in the medium area in terms of cost.

Depending on the quality desired, the clay used for these bricks can be moulded through table moulding or ground moulding, then the clay moulds are burned in kilns.  They have traditionally sharp edges and the smoothness depends on the quality of the material and method used.

These bricks have good resistance to moisture and erosion, and in construction, they require plastering.

Fly Ash Clay Brick

Unlike clay bricks, fly ash clay bricks do not require plastering and are referred to as self-cementing bricks. Not only that, they are also lighter and considerably less expensive.

These bricks have a greater resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and they have high fire insulation properties.

Concrete Brick

Concrete bricks are mostly used for their sound reduction and heat resistant qualities. They can be made into the sizes that a project requires.  Additionally these bricks can be pigmented and have the color that you desire.

They are usually considered of low quality because of their low compression strength, but these bricks can provide eye-catching aesthetic.

Sand-lime Brick

These bricks are made through mixing sand, fly ash and lime which are then bonded through a chemical reaction. The result is a brick known for its immense load-bearing capacity.  These bricks do not require plastering and die to their manufacturing method, these bricks are smoother and uniform in size which makes for more seamless bricklaying.

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Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are specifically made to ensure the structural integrity of a wall. They are valued for their strength, resistance to water and freeze-thaw cycles.  They are mainly used for engineering projects like dams, sewers, and manholes.

These bricks can be made to fit the technical needs of a project. Whichever brick you choose, bricklayers in Melbourne can certainly provide you with the best professional bricklaying services that are fit for any project.

Choosing the Right Type of Brick

Getting the right kind of brick is paramount for the success of any construction. Whether it’s getting the right look and vibe for your project or utilizing the right brick with the necessary structural components, the right brick is key.

Machine-made vs Handmade

You can rely on the uniformity of machine made bricks and they are also cheaper compared to handmade. When you get them from a reputable producer, you can make sure that each is up to standard quality.

These bricks have cleaner and smoother finishes that make them look more polished and sleek. If you want that unique and bespoke look to your project, handmade bricks may be the right way to go.

You can practically get them in any size, shape, and color that you wish, making them a dream to work with if you’re keen in achieving the design you want. Unlike machine made bricks, these bricks are less polished and each one has unique imperfections adding to that rustic and authentic feel.

They are truly works of art but you have to be willing to spend more money for these beauties. These bricks typically cost three to four times more than their machine made counterparts.

Bricklaying companies in Melbourne are seasoned veterans in choosing the right brick for every kind of project and if you can’t decide on which bricks to use, you can rely on their expertise.


Due to significant advancements in techniques and formulations in the production of bricks, it is now easier to get your desired color with precision in terms of shade and hue.

Although, it is important to note that each run still produces bricks with slightly unique characteristics. Hence, it is imperative to lay down the bricks first to ensure that they blend well with each other and that there are no areas that draw unwanted attention.

In making the decision for the color of your brick, it’s a good idea to check first with your local planning office before making any design choices. Chances are they won’t be too happy if you divert too much from the materials used in your locality.

This might seem obvious but the color that you choose for your exterior must go well with other exterior finishings, and also the interior design and motif of your structure.  If you’re going for the modern and clean-looking style that has that contemporary and discreetly dramatic vibe, your best bet are the greys and metallics for your bricks.

They lend a naturally sophisticated look and you can use different shades to make a bolder statement. For a more delicate and polished look, the whites and creams provide that crisp, clean, and serene ambiance to any exterior design scheme.

An added bonus is your landscaping will be highlighted since these bricks act more as a clear background.

If you are not afraid of color and wish to do something exciting with your exterior design, adding primary colored bricks can be a fun way to experiment and take your design game to the next level.

If you’re still unsure on what look to go for, bricklayers in Melbourne can guide you on your design path. Only the best from the leading bricklaying companies in Melbourne.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of a Bricklaying Project

Planning for the costs of your bricklaying project can save you the headache in the future for trying to find where you’d gone wrong in allocating your budget.

A good tip is to remember to allocate ten percent (10%) of the budget for emergency needs so that you won’t be scrambling for money in case something unforeseen comes up during construction of your project.

Here are some of the major factors that can affect the cost of your bricklaying project:


Using pre-cut natural stone can be more costly than using clay bricks. Machine-made are less costly than handmade bricks.

Higher quality bricks are more expensive but can save you the headache of fixing your brick walls in the years to come.

Less experienced bricklayers often make mistakes and thus will cost you more in terms of materials needed to finish a project as compared to hiring an experienced Professional Melbourne bricklayer.

Also, if your design for the project is leaning towards more complex and intricate, that could mean more material waste because it diverts from the standard and straightforward way of bricklaying.

It’s also wise to take note of the effect of inflation to material costs if you are planning a big project that can take more than a year to finish.

Size of the Project

Fixing one wall and building a three storey house from nothing are two very different bricklaying jobs. The size of your project can greatly affect the cost of bricklaying.

Fixing walls with corroded, loose, or missing bricks are considerably easier and less time consuming. This is because these jobs entail replacing the facing bricks of a structure that has the foundation intact.

Building a new structure is obviously more complex and requires more manpower.

You can ask your Melbourne bricklayer for a fixed quote to ensure that there are no additional costs. They will assess the scope of the project, the equipment they’ll need, the technical skills required, and the approximate time for completion.

Type of Bricklaying

A complex design and pattern will require more time and more experienced bricklayers as compared to a traditional design.

There are multiple types of bricklaying styles to choose from and each have their own purposes.

Your professional Melbourne bricklayer will be able to advise you which style is more suited to your particular project.

Here are the styles to choose from:

Types of Bricklaying:

  • Brick veneer
  • Solid brick
  • Double brick
  • Reverse brick veneer
  •  Brick fencing

Types of Bricklaying Bonds:

  • Stretcher
  • Header
  • English
  • Fleming
  • Stack

Location and Area

There are some areas that even experienced bricklayers may find difficult to work in and that can add to the cost of a bricklaying job.

Structures that are near busy streets need a safety plan. This will greatly reduce the risk of both bricklayers and passerbys getting injured.

Working near a roof of a structure is tricky as bricklayers needs to be careful of windows and getting an equipment up a building can be quite challenging too. Aside from this, scaffolding on the construction should be secured, to avoid any accidents.

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What to Consider in Hiring a Professional Bricklayer

It can be a daunting task to sift through potential hires, especially if you don’t know the necessary qualifications of a bricklayer.

Bricklaying is a job only for those who have the dedication to put in the hours to learn and master it. If bricklaying is done thoughtlessly, other workers and passersby may incur injuries that would have otherwise been avoided.

You can also incur unnecessary costs due to wasteful use of materials by inexperienced bricklayers.

All these mistakes will ultimately mean delays in the project. To avoid mishaps, read below the main skills to look for in a professional bricklayer:


Bricklayers in Australia are licensed in a state-to-state basis and in the state of Victoria, Melbourne Bricklayers must apply to be accredited as registered building practitioners by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

Additionally WorkSafe Victoria issues Construction Induction Cards (CICs) and all professional builders are required to apply for one to ensure that they have the necessary safety training to work in construction.

As any trade worker, professional Melbourne bricklayers must always be able to show you their Australian Business Number (ABN) and proof of their insurance.

Technical Knowledge and Experience

Bricklayers from the best Melbourne bricklaying companies should have the necessary technical skills to be able to keep up with the design and instructions of engineers and construction managers.

Below are some of the skills and competencies needed to be a professional bricklayer:

  • Knowledge of how to correctly use equipment for each task
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Mathematical skills required to calculate the amount of Materials needed
  • Knowledge of techniques for different types of bricklaying
  • Knowledge of all relevant bricklaying designs and patterns
  • Ability to be comfortable with heights since bricklaying will inevitably will require a bricklayer to work in high places

In terms of experience, ask them about previous projects and see whether or not their skills are ideally suited for the project you are going to do. If necessary, ask them for references. An experienced Melbourne bricklayer should be able to provide you with extensive proof of previous projects and contacts.


Bricklaying is most often not a one man job. Bricklayers need to be able to work in teams and follow orders in order to finish the bricklaying job in the agreed upon timeframe.

You need someone who treats the job seriously and can cooperate to get things done effectively and efficiently.

Someone who shows up on time and is dedicated and disciplined is better a person who has years of experience but doesn’t have the same professionalism

Physical Health

Bricklaying is a job that requires physical strength and endurance. Days can be long and workers may be required to work in shifting schedules to get the bricklaying job finished quicker, so good health is paramount.

Make sure that the bricklayers that you’re hiring have a clean bill of health and that they are insured. The leading bricklaying companies in Melbourne make sure that their workers are fit and ready to fulfill the tasks at hand.

No one deserves the uncertainty of not knowing when they’ll have to pour in money to fix the half-baked bricklaying job of rookie bricklayers.

Only hire the best bricklayers in Melbourne to make sure that your project lives up to every standard. By hiring from the best Melbourne bricklaying companies, you can rest assured that the bricklaying job for your project is seamless and of the highest craftsmanship.

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