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Wasim bricklayer

ABN: 34 434 370 740
  • Hi’ Fully qualified experienced bricklayer any small or big welcome. Thanks

    Tahir Bricklayering

    ST ALBANS, VIC, 3021
    ABN: 93 226 092 551
  • Tahir Bricklayering is located near ST ALBANS, VIC offering Bricklaying services and more.

    Doug Kilner bricklaying

    ABN: 62 857 752 617
  • Doug Kilner bricklaying is located near MORNINGTON, VIC offering Bricklaying services and more.

    AAMN Building Services

    ABN: 19 561 645 260
  • www.aamn.com.au Our Company Supplies Property Maintenance Service Australia Wide for all Items we have Selected Above. We Currently Service over 5...

    Renovation Pro

    MITCHAM, VIC, 3132
    ABN: 35 681 531 795
  • All trades renovation services in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Visit https://renovationpro.com.au for more info.

    Independent building inspectors

    RESERVOIR, VIC, 3073
    ABN: 24 545 452 243
  • Registered building practitioner DBU 47950, Architectural draftsman graduated 1973 university of Adelaide, insurance loss adjusting on storm, fire and...

    Best Bricklayers in Melbourne, VIC

    How does the best bricklaying in Melbourne do their Brick Repairs?

    Durability and better protection against harsh weather are the best features of bricks. This is the reason it becomes a popular choice for exterior materials in constructing a house or any establishment.

    When you hire the best bricklayers in Melbourne, you can expect a professional bricklayer to start working on the following:

    • Start assessing the area to work on;
    • Present and discuss the bricklaying solutions to the client;
    • Check the local weather forecast;
    • Check the permit and building regulations needed to comply;
    • Gather all tools and equipment needed;
    • Do the preparation stage;
    • Lay the bricks;
    • Do finishing touches;
    • Do maintenance care to ensure stability;

    Just like in any construction or renovation project, some people immediately consider if bricklaying can be done through DIY. The reasons are either to save money or time in endless searching for a trusted bricklayer.

    DIY bricklaying is not possible in commercial or industrial establishment due to the work scope’s size and safety requirement. But it is plausible in residential property.

    Are bricklaying jobs right for you?

    Most master bricklayers in Melbourne find brick repair jobs to be probable for homeowners to do. But only under the condition that they meet the following requirements:

    Have the proper tools, knowledge, and skills

    These 3 are the most important in bricklaying as this will provide a guarantee to complete the job successfully. In bricklaying, there are two types of tools - main tools and safety equipment. For the main tools, everyone must have bolster, hammers, hawk, shovels, spirit level, steel tape, and trowels.

    While for the safety equipment, you must have a dust mask, earmuffs, hard hats, safety glasses, steel-capped boots, and high visibility clothing.

    For the knowledge and skills, these two can be obtained by seeking helpful advice from family or friends who have past experience in bricklaying (completely and successfully) or consult professional bricklayers.

    Enjoy manual labour

    Loving the job you do brings more joy and satisfaction in your heart. Therefore it’s important to assess yourself first if you have the passion or even just enjoy doing manual labour before starting the job.

    Master bricklayers don’t have any specific requirement for weight or size. As long as you are physically fit with high-level of stamina, you can finish bricklaying properly and completely. Aside from Bricklaying, Carpentry is another thing you could be into. Physical stamina and strength is a must when doing Carpentry in Melbourne.

    Bricklaying doesn’t only challenge the physical strength, but also the mind. Therefore, you must prepare yourself to solve any types of problems that may arise along the process. These problems can be drag marks on the brick’s surface, defects, or crackings.

    Other than problems, you must also know the proper way to do the following:

    • accurately get measurements;
    • mix mortar;
    • laying bricks;
    • hand-eye coordination;

    Comfortable working from heights

    Bricklaying jobs can make your work in the most inconvenient places around the property or different weather environment. The most common is working at heights. It’s an advantage if you can work comfortably at it in accordance with Australia safety regulations.

    Other places or working conditions that you can expect to work on is in crawl spaces and different weather conditions.

    If you possess all the above skills, then you have what it takes to do bricklaying yourself. But if not, don’t worry, HIREtrades can help you find the best bricklaying services in Melbourne that provide top-notch bricklaying solutions.

    HIREtrades is your one-stop solution for all of your bricklaying needs. Hire professional bricklayers across the Melbourne region!

    Are you a customer? Post a job now and get quotes from qualified bricklayers who give the best value for your money.

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    Bricklaying Job Cost Guides

    Bricklaying cost can vary based on the nature of work, the wall area, and style of bricks to use.

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