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    The Best Home Renovation Builders in Sydney, NSW

    Have you always wanted to settle down in Sydney with your own dream home? If yes, Sydney’s best home builders are ready to help make that dream into reality. 

    Hiring home builders to do the job for you means that your comfort and health will be prioritised. As today’s construction techniques take more skills and knowledge than people might realise, it is best to leave this job to the professionals.

    This article will give you an overview of:

    • Different Types of Builders
    • Different Types of Building Services
    • Factors that Affect the Cost of your Building Project
    • Qualities to Look for in Hiring Home Builders
    • Questions to Ask before Building a House
    • What You Need to Know About Building Permits


    Different Types of Builders

    Finding the right type of builder that fits your needs is critical. It is important to be aware of the different types that you may encounter in any given situation. Here are three types of builders that you can find in Sydney:


    Custom Home Builders

    For small scale projects, custom home builders will do the job for you. Also known as small-volume builders, custom home builders offer contracting and design services. Hiring custom home builders will truly allow you to build a house according to your specifications.

    It is their duty to ensure that your house is customised according to your taste and lifestyle.

    Benefits in hiring custom home builders is your freedom to tweak design. You should be able to collaborate with your builder some ideas and changes that you might desire. Moreover, there will be very minimal maintenance required in the next 10 to 20 years.

    Since custom homes are brand new, problems in the infrastructure are very unlikely to occur.


    Tract Home Builders

    Also known as production home builders, tract home builders own large hectares of land that have readily designed models to be implemented into divided lots. Since they are large scale builders, their expertise includes building condominiums, townhouses, single-family houses, among others.

    If you intend to put-up properties for long-term investments, tract home builders can help you with that.

    The biggest benefit of hiring tract home builders is the lower prices, as they buy building materials in bulk and pass on to the saving of the homeowners.

    Comparing it to custom home, tract home builders buy factory-made materials which aren’t built on-site, making the price rates fixed and standard.


    Speculative Home Builders

    Spec home builders are very similar to tract home builders. The only difference is, the former doesn’t own tracts of land like the latter does. Instead, spec home builders buy a plot of land, build on it, and then sell the house.

    From its root word, they “speculate” that they can sell a home once the house is built. 

    The biggest benefit of hiring spec home builders is the flexibility of the prices that they offer. If it is an inventory home that has been in the market for quite a while, its rate will most likely depreciate.


    Different Types of Building Services

    Most home building companies in Sydney provide a range of services that you may choose according to your needs. Whether it is for residential, commercial or luxury building, it is important to familiarise yourself with the services that your home builder can assist:


    General Building Works

    Home builders will help you with the most important details: timeline, design and budget. General building is a crucial service that will greatly affect the end-results of your project. It all starts with the planning – ensuring that your funds and vision are aligned.

    Home builders will be able to help you with that.

    Moreover, this service will also ensure that your building project is running smoothly.

    Not only with the building construction in itself, but contractors will also be obliged to make sure that all paperwork, licences and insurance are available.


    House and Land Packages

    Availing a house and land package could be a daunting task, but what most people don’t realise are the benefits that come along with it. Unlike in purchasing an existing home, house and land packages can be customised in accordance to your lifestyle.

    Moreover, residential home builders can offer you a manageable payment scheme where you can pay in installments.

    The biggest benefit in availing house and land package is that it makes you eligible for a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), a tax-free national scheme created by the Australian Government.

    This is the government’s way of assisting first-time home buyers or builders by being of service to their needs. 


    Home Extensions

    Availing home extension services from your home builders is a cost-effective way to get additional space without moving to another house and land. If your intention is to maximise your property’s yard by building an extended space, then it is best to contact your home builder right away.

    Moreover, home extension services could potentially add a great deal of value to your property. This will give you an opportunity to upgrade your current property into a luxury home. A little extended space can go a long way.


    Renovation Services

    Just like home extension, the goal of renovation is to improve your current space without the need for relocation. That being said, this is also a cost-effective way of upgrading your property. Moving into a new house and land can be stressful, expensive, and it can dramatically change your lifestyle.

    Your renovation builder can guarantee you that renovation can equally give you a fresh start without going through the upheavals of moving.

    Hiring a building professional is definitely a must, as it guarantees that an expert is overseeing the full cycle of your project.


    Factors that Affect the Cost of your Building Project

    Sydney home builders charge differently, depending on a number of factors. Listed below are some of the things to consider in managing your finances before proceeding in building a house:

    • Land and location – These are the biggest determiners on how expensive your project will be. Every state has its own varied rates, insurances, certification and fees. Sydney is comparatively more expensive than other cities in Australia.

    Moreover, the condition of the land is also a great factor. Is it flat or is it sloping? How is the soil condition? Is there a river or a stream that might interfere with the project?


    • Materials – This will definitely have a big impact in your overall cost. Depending on what kind of house you’re going to avail dictates the type of materials you need to buy. For example, when you’re building a luxury home, then it is most likely that you will avail the highest quality materials possible.

    Also, the availability of these materials from your construction site should be taken into consideration. If the materials are available within reach, then it won’t cost you as much. But if they are only available at a farther distance, you will need to cover the delivery expenses.


    • Choice of Architect – This is a cost that will definitely have more returns than losses. Hiring a reputable architect with years of professional experience will definitely pay off, as a solid home design plan is the base of your project.

    Amateur architects might cut corners in order to lower the cost of the project, which will ultimately hurt your investment in the long run. Experienced architects will make sure that to follow every process meticulously, as they also have a brand and image to protect. 


    • Project Schedule – Just like any other projects, the urgency of your construction will directly affect your overall costs. If the scheduled deadline is tight, it means that you’re a prioritised client. The labour cost will fluctuate depending on the timeline you will provide.

    Moreover, unpredicted delays in the project, that could be caused by external factors, would cause an increase in indirect costs.


    Qualities to Look for in Hiring Home Builders


    When hiring home builders in Sydney, make sure to look for the best. Building a home is neither easy nor cheap. This is a long-term investment.

    You need to find the right people to do the job for you. Here are some qualities you should look for in hiring home builders:


    Licensed and Competent

    You need to make sure that your building project abides by the law. With that, your home builder should be licensed. Builders in Sydney must conform to the rules and regulations of NSW Fair Trading.

    You also need to be aware of the different licences and certifications there is in Sydney:

    • Contractor Licence – Allows builders to enter contract with clients.
    • Qualified Supervisor Licence – Allows builders to supervise and carry out the job.
    • Nominated Supervisor Certificate – Gives authority to a licensed contractor or qualified supervisor to work in behalf of a licensed company or partnership.

    Moreover, you have to make sure that your builder’s licence is active. In Sydney NSW, builders’ licences must be renewed every 3 years. On the other hand, apprentices do not need licences, but have to work under qualified supervisors.

    Futhermore, you have to keep in mind that it is illegal in Sydney to carry out any building work that exceeds $1,000 without a builder’s licence. This includes all the materials and labour.

    Competency and training are pre-requisite for a builder to be licensed. Not only will a licence be a proof of legality, but it will also serve as a receipt for their competence. Make sure to review all of their licences and certifications before entering contracts.


    A Proven Track Record

    Years of experience is the actual guarantee that your project is in the right hands. This means that your builder has already dealt with many clients with different needs.

    It guarantees that your builder is flexible enough to work on any types of projects under unique conditions. You have to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment.

    The end-result of this project will be a permanent product that you will possess in the next several decades, so it is important to make sure that an experienced and skilled professional is up for the task.

    How do you know if a builder fits the bill? Spend some time researching on the company’s background, read customer reviews and satisfaction surveys. Information on the internet is readily available, so take that opportunity to investigate.

    Moreover, do ask for your builder’s portfolio. Reading great reviews online is one thing, but seeing their past projects with your own eyes can seal the deal. You may also request for references – it is a common practice, so don’t hold yourself back from doing so.


    A Detailed Home Building Process

    What differentiates a regular home builder from a great home builder is the attention to detail. Great home builders should have their own process, and should be able to take the customers to the details of their process.

    A proven, efficient, and effective home building process is what you’re looking for. 

    Before hiring a home builder, or any types of profession for that matter, human resource would always ask, “what is your process at work?” If one can answer that in a detailed and comprehensive way is already a good sign of great workmanship.

    Through this, you are able to see how they execute ideas, and if that specific execution works for you. This will allow you to assess if they can translate your vision into actual product.

    This works especially if you’re hiring custom home builders. You need to make sure that your idea of a dream home matches their techniques.


    Great home builders should have a sense of awareness for their clients. A builder’s ability to sit down and brainstorm different ideas with their customers is a good sign that you’re being walked through with how this project will run, and what your expectations should be.


    Questions to Ask Before Building a House

    Building your dream home is a daunting yet fulfilling venture. Make sure to assess yourself with the following questions as the first step before buying or building a house:

    • How much am I willing to spend? - Knowing your budget is key. Having your finances aligned to your vision of having a dream home is critical. It is important to be realistic with your goals by allocating an ample amount in this project to avoid future stress.

    You also have to include a budget for landscaping and furniture once the building process is over. 


    • What are the permits I should prepare? - You should be ready with all the paperwork required for home building. For most types of homes, you will need a planning permit and a building permit. You should allot enough time in requesting and processing these permits.

    In New South Wales, approval from the council usually takes an average of 1 month to 100 days.


    • What should I be looking for in a home builder? - As discussed above, you need to know what are the qualities of a good and reputable home builder. Never hesitate to ask questions from your builder. It is important to be on the same page with the process of this project. 


    • What is in my building contract? - You need to protect your home right from the very start. Aside from the services you have availed, make sure that your contract includes workmanship warranties and builder’s insurance provision.

    Furthermore, your contract should also refer to detailed drawing and plans, and a progress and payment schedule.


    To get your home building journey started, it is important to take your time in answering these questions and make sure that you really understand the process and requirements.


    What You Need to Know About Building Permits

    Not all home building services in Sydney would require a permit, and that include minor works such as maintenance and renovation. However, it is still important not to assume and still check on your local council.

    If you request for a permit, you may also check if your application qualifies as an exempt or complying development. This will speed up your application process, and will further save you money.

    You should also understand the costs for building permit applications. The costs of building permits and development applications are based on the type of development you are proposing, including the labour and materials of the project.

    Each council sets its own fee, which will include the following:

    • Building permit/DA fee
    • A government levy (be reminded that the NSW government may charge a Long Service Levy for projects that cost more than $25,000)
    • Owner-Builder permit, if you’re planning to supervise the work


    You will need the following paperwork for your application:

    • Your DA form
    • The estimated cost of work
    • An environmental impact statement
    • A detailed description of the proposed works
    • Verified consent from all owners of the property


    HIRETrades can assist you in finding the top 10 builders in Sydney.

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