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What Tradies are saying

"I'm a gardener who uses these sorts of platforms for most of my work. Hiretrades is the cheapest, with no real jobs and not many others pricing. They don't punch out as many jobs as (some others) but their costs are less than 25%. Thumbs up!"

Gardener - Jenny

"I am a plumber and have recently started using this service! Couldn’t be happier with all the extra work I am picking up as a result! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to grow their business."

Plumber - Jake

"I’m a painter and have used all of these types of services. They all have lots of leads where the customer is simply uncontactable or are not interested. That hurts when you pay $30+ for the lead. I pay (low lead costs) at my costs make it worth pursuing them. The leads are not plentiful. But they are getting better each month. There is next to nothing to lose"

Painter - Mol

"Been with hiretrades for 6 months now. It was really poor to start with as it has no job listings. I stuck with (them as the cost) was not a lot. Glad I did as now there is a steady trickle of work. No where near as much as other sites but at a fraction of the cost I can see their presence growing."

Tradie - Jane

"Hiretrades have helped my startup business get work and the returns far exceed the cost. Easy to use and asy to get a hold of. Thanks guys."

Tradie - Ben