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Best Kitchen Benchtops

kitchen benchtops

Acquiring the best kitchen benchtops adds value in your house. Here are the different types:

  • Quartz. If you are for the one that is top quality, getting a quartz one is one of the best you can acquire. Even though its cost can be quite expensive, its features, which includes being stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant, makes the price worth it.
  • Granite. Another famous material is granite. Because it is an all-natural stone, it can be very hard with an almost diamond-like surface. What makes it one of the efficient is how the sky is the limit when choosing patterns and designs. However, it can crack easily and needs maintenance to be sealed in every two years. Doing so will make it resistant to stain, heat, burn, scorch and scratch which is actually very practical.
  • Acrylic. A countertop made from this substance can look very pretty without a hefty price tag. Because it is not as expensive as other materials, acrylic tops are not as durable and long-lasting as the others too. It can also easily get scratched and chipped. Despite that, many still opt for acrylic because it is very easy to maintain and clean. It can also be installed easily; therefore, it will not be such a big loss to the owners if they decide to change their counters over time.
  • Marble. One of the best stone benchtops in the market, and it is also one of the most famous. Since it is out of limestone, it is softer compared to granite and not very suitable anywhere near heat. Stains may stay permanently on marble and it can be visible, especially with scratches. However, its timeless beauty is surely irreplaceable. There is also less likely for chipping on this material, thus it can come quite pricey compared to others.
  • Laminate. Those who are looking for cheaper alternatives can set their eyes on the laminate kitchen benchtops. It might not be heat-resistant and as long-lasting as natural stones, but it can be very customizable and versatile to your preference. It is known to be the most affordable among other types of materials for countertops. Additionally, it is very easy to clean as it works with various cleaning solutions.

Professional Stone and Granite Benchtop Contractors

If you are in the midst of designing or remodelling your kitchen, one of the things you should keep in mind for is engaging professional stone and granite benchtop contractors . Despite the many types of resources available in the market, being well-informed of their features – from pros to cons – will simplify your shopping experience.

A kitchen bench easily gives a statement in your space as it aesthetically combines form and function. This counter will serve as a place where you will lay down some things to do some work like chopping and whatnot. You can also add some chairs and then you will have an additional table top. It is very convenient and practical that having a countertop is something each kitchen should have.

Because it does not come cheap, thinking over what type of material suits your needs perfect for your investment is necessary. Engaging experts from reputable company is always practical. Meeting the desired style is an assurance through fast completion made possible by reliable professionals.