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Are you looking for professional carpentry services to meet your needs and requirements? Whether you need to affix a new door or build a staircase for your home extension project, a qualified carpenter can handle the job.

It takes careful thought and assessment to find a carpenter who displays professionalism and delivers quality workmanship.

Take note of the following qualifications to look for in a carpenter:

  • Licensed and Certified

    Licensing requirements for carpenters vary depending on your State. In Victoria, carpenters are required to hold a Domestic Builder (Limited) registration card to enable them to carry out domestic building work.

    The scope of work is usually indicated in the registration card to limit the function of the qualified carpenter.

    Check out the list of licensing authorities responsible for carpentry certification

    Look for carpenters who hold a Certificate III in Carpentry to qualify them to provide carpentry services under the supervision of a building contractor.

  • Insured and WHS Compliant

    Consider hiring a carpenter with appropriate insurances to protect your liability in the event of an incident. Verify that they carry current public liability and workers compensation insurances. Consider other insurances such as tools and motor vehicles if applicable.

    Qualified carpenters are also trained to strictly adhere to Workplace Health and Safety regulations as they perform their work. If the carpenter is tasked to install a skylight, are the risks carefully assessed before work commences?

    Do they wear personal protective equipment and safety gears such as hardhats, boots and eyewear?

    This is especially applicable to carpenters working on major carpentry and joinery projects.

  • Skilled and Experienced

    Carpenters have varied skills, knowledge and expertise. They vary depending on what carpentry jobs they specialise in. Before hiring, determine what you plan for them to do. Will the job be focusing on repairs or installation?

    Carpentry jobs mostly require good hand-eye coordination to increase efficiency. Does the carpenter have a strong eye for artistry? Is the tradie detail-oriented?

    Experience also trumps knowledge. A more experienced carpenter is more likely to be quick at providing carpentry services to meet your needs.

Narrow down your options to qualified carpenters with good customer feedback and a recent portfolio of carpentry projects.

Different Types of Carpentry Services

Carpentry services include the construction of decks and timber frames, access ramp installations and door fittings, among others.

The scope of work will depend on what type of service you may require.

Carpentry repairs

Carpentry repairs can range from fixing doors and window sills to repairing wood siding and holes in walls.

A qualified carpenter can also work on drywall, wood floor and furniture repairs.

  • Drywall can acquire surface issues over time. Professional carpenters can help resolve problems such as rectifying cracks or damages caused by moisture and regular wear and tear.

  • Repairing wooden furniture (e.g. cupboards, drawers, tables) requires the expertise of a skilled carpenter to restore their look and function.

  • If wood floors are beyond rectification, replacing damaged or rotten floorboards need to be professionally addressed by carpenters to ensure your safety and quality workmanship.

Formwork carpentry

Formwork carpentry is a large-scale project that requires comprehensive building and construction skills. This type of construction can be done in residential, commercial or industrial projects.

Whether you’re building a new home or undertaking major renovations, find a carpenter who is adept at reading architectural drawings.

Formwork carpentry varies depending on the size of the job and individual requirements.

Formwork carpenters are physically able and skilled at measuring and cutting premade forms to fit the dimensions of the structure.

Competent carpenters can assemble different types of forms made from wood or steel as well as form and pour wet concrete with a high degree of care and precision.

Framework carpentry

Framework carpentry is a large-scale process that requires extensive skills to ensure the durability of the structure.

Generally, it involves measuring, cutting and forming wooden frames as part of the initial construction.

Regardless of the size of your home extension or new construction project, ensure that you hire a qualified carpenter who’s into framework carpentry jobs.

Framework carpenters must be competent in lifting heavy objects and frame building materials.

Always verify areas of expertise before hiring a carpenter to save costs and maximise your investment.

Factors that Can Affect the Costs of Your Carpentry Jobs

Hiring a qualified carpenter can generally cost about $68 to $107 per hour. Indicative pricing is influenced by different factors such as your location.

Here’s what you need to consider when determining the cost of your carpentry jobs.

Pricing Method

How do carpenters near you charge for carpentry and joinery services? Is it hourly or fixed?

Many carpentry professionals provide both options depending on the scope and nature of work, and how willing you are to be charged.


Travel and call-out fees can have an implication on your carpentry pricing. If the carpenter you are hiring is outside your vicinity, then expect to pay more.

Likewise, the higher the demand for carpenters, the larger the costs will be incurred. 

Custom Work

Custom cabinetry can cost more than standard or stock cabinets.

Materials comprising the type of cabinet hardware and cabinetry sizes largely determine the carpentry cost including labour.

Qualified carpenters focused on bespoke woodwork and trim work may charge more for using specialised materials and designs.

Carpenter’s Expertise

General carpenters are typically priced at a lower rate compared to carpentry specialists.

The level of skills, knowledge and experience of the qualified carpenter can have an impact on how much you are to pay.

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