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Door and Window Architraves

window architrave

Artistic designs on doors and windows create an overall framework for home decoration and furniture. In classical architecture, the moulding refers to a horizontal beam resting on top of two vertical columns. 

When relating to homes, they are also called as mouldings that are commonly used to conceal the gaps in between linings and another type of openings. The moulded fixture can also be fitted overarches and doorways to add a unique attraction to dividers.

They have been in use for centuries to provide textual and visual appeal to various surfaces. Buildings were usually enriched with expressive ones to showcase craftsmanship. 

However, do not confuse it with a skirting board that runs along with the very bottom of the walls which typically come in an MDF, PVC, or wood style. They have distinct properties but generally have the same purpose in terms of hiding uneven or untidy areas around the floor or wall. 

Both of them started out with standard design but have developed over the years. Nowadays, plenty of elegant and fancy designs are being offered and so prices vary accordingly. 

When looking for the right person who can present homeowners with top door and window architraves, reaching out to reliable carpenters will help resolve any concerns that they may have.

Professional Architrave Installation Services

Consider also the following added benefits this extra fixture can give:

  • The range includes standard industry profile in popular sizes and available colours.

  • Custom manufacturing is also available.

  • There is a wide range of certified timber species should the clients prefer wood.

If there are other references for the material, there are also vast choices available. Most builders and renovators opt to install the door architrave made from the same variance with the rest of the mouldings to display a unified look. Each type is dictated by the interior design of the house that is often inspired by the period when it was built. If the room is inspired by the Victorian era or Art Deco, it can be suggested to have ornate ones.

Whereas a contemporary or modernist time is likely to have a less decorative or hidden appearance. The same goes for other moulding requirements. 

To have more detailed assistance on what will perfectly work for your desired goal, engage with the most qualified and skilled carpenter who can provide professional architrave installation services. 

Clients can select from the following to identify their needs and preferences:

  • MDF (medium-density fibreboard)
  • Plaster
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Wood

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