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timber frame construction

All houses have a concrete skeleton that provides support and serves as the overall framework for outer coverings. This structure is known as frame. Some homes are utilising either bricks or blocks yet those that were built since the 1920s are made out of woods. At present, one of the most popular types of building method is framing the house with woods.

To make the most out of your time and money, consider engaging with the right business that offers top timber frame construction services . It is worth-having. If building a dream house is what you would want to achieve, the following information will help in getting yourself familiarised with its properties.

Negative characteristics of timbers:

  1. They are not fire-proof. If you live in areas that are prone to fires, this material is not recommended.

  2. They are not naturally energy efficient. It is critical to have a good insulation to deal with condensation. This type of wood needs more work on this part to ensure its durability.

  3. Most of construction works have to take place off-site. This means a lot of transport materials from one place to another is needed and expected.

  4. They can rot. This will happen if they are poorly built and exposed to damp conditions or extremely wet climate. If anything is not sealed completely, moisture will get in and destroy the house from the inside out. So it is greatly advisable to check the quality of the structure first before proceeding with the finishing touches.

Positive features of wooden frames:

  1. They are much quicker to construct. Other concrete building materials can take many weeks to finish since they require more time to dry. Whereas these woods generally need only days to complete.

  2. They allow for more flexibility of designs. They are the ideal frame to have if you have an open plan house. They can be shaped into whatever model you want.

  3. They can be constructed in sub-zero temperatures. Unlike bricks or blocks that cannot be left frozen or expanded as it can warp the entire structure, these are more in demand in colder parts of the world.

  4. They are eco-friendly. It is considered as a renewable resource as long as the trees are replanted where they are cut down. Though there are lots of deforestation, there are still many conservation projects that promote responsible tree-cutting.

Best Timber Frame Houses

While there are wide choices available, it is recommended to seek assistance from someone who knows the inside and out of the job. The most important factor to take note is that clients can deal with only one company. This further makes the whole process quicker and become more productive.

Most often, it can do all the tasks involved from designing, manufacturing and framing the house to supplying the roof, windows and doors structure. Once you are decided to start the project, you must not compromise on the value. Do not cut costs on lumber framing and use the top grade that you can afford. Invest also in getting a framing contractor to ensure seamless workmanship and achieve the best timber frame houses .

Just make sure that he is licensed and insured so as not to encounter future problems that may affect the entire procedure. Having all these in place, you can expect a new home that is guaranteed to last.

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