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Advanced Roof Systems

Advanced Roof Systems

ABN: 97 135 878 581
  • Advanced Roof Systems is a leading Roofs company servicing all metro and country areas in SA. We are a registered and approved installer of Bluescope...

    Property Maintenance SA

    SEAFORD, SA, 5169
    ABN: 45 337 554 637
  • Property Maintenance SA is located near SEAFORD, SA offering Carpenter services and more.


    GLANDORE, SA, 5037
    ABN: 49 329 036 652
  • IAN CHARLES CARPENTRY is located near GLANDORE, SA offering Carpenter services and more.

    Claudes Home Maintenance

    ABN: 27 953 268 993
  • Claudes Home Maintenance is located near CAMPBELLTOWN, SA offering Carpenter services and more.

    Impact restoorations

    ST AGNES, SA, 5097
    ABN: 76 796 431 231
  • Painting and restoration work mainly on older homes and buildings

    All Trades SA

    UNLEY PARK, SA, 5061
    ABN: 35 613 067 495

    Top Carpenters In Adelaide

    What are the daily tasks of top carpenters in Adelaide?

    Job flexibility is one advantage of carpenters over other tradies in the construction industry. They can work comfortably on small-scaled jobs (e.g. furniture making) and large construction project (construction starting from scratch or extensions).

    To have a better understanding of how top carpenters in Adelaide works, you need to know their daily tasks. The daily tasks vary on the type of job they are working on. But on average, their tasks each day mostly run like this:

    Analyse the client’s building plans and other engineering documentation

    This is to ensure that the carpenters understand the needs of the structure. At the same time, create an effective design and solution to meet their client’s preference.

    Preparation stage

    The preparation stage can refer to two different tasks for carpenters. The first preparation tasks refer to the working environment. They will clean it thoroughly to ensure it is 100% ready and distraction-free.

    The second preparation task refers to gathering and conditioning all the materials needed for the job. On this stage, the carpenter can measure, cut, shape, apply treatment, repair, and do adjustments. Sharpening of the tools and gathering all tools is also included on this stage.


    On this stage, the carpenter will check the current wooden fittings for damages. If there are existing damages, carpenters will apply the necessary repair. If none, they will apply some maintenance tasks to ensure those fittings can last for longer years, then proceed on the next process.

    Main construction

    This is when the main construction begins. The carpenters bring the parts together and erect the house or building main frame structure as well as the wall, roof, and floors.


    This is the stage where local inspectors check thoroughly to ensure all the structures met the regulations set by the local council and safely secured.

    What services do top carpenters in Adelaide offer?

    Constructing formwork, framework, renovations, new construction, and architraves are the common services that a licensed carpenter in Adelaide offers. But the services that are considered to be the most requested services are the following:


    Everyone loves a well-built cabinet. It is great for both storing items and food, and an accessory to complete the design of any room in the house. Aside from the main construction of the cabinets, carpenters also cover tasks such as repairs, installation, removal, and repurposing of cabinets.

    Furniture maker

    Just like with cabinets, the carpenter can also construct and design various wooden furniture. It’s best to choose a carpenter that has the ability to interpret specifications and drawing well, and comfortable in using multiple specialised tools and machines.

    Furniture Modification

    Not everyone is a fan of outdated furniture. For most people, they easily decide to throw it away. But if it has sentimental values, modifying it is the wisest move to do. Carpenter can perform repair, polishing, and wood carving (new or modify) tasks.

    Why choose top carpenters in Adelaide?

    It’s wise to invest in the best carpenter in Adelaide, NSW as carpentry works can cost up to thousands of dollars. The word ‘best’ is included for everyone to remember to choose only the carpenters that are fully qualified, insured, strictly follow safety regulations, and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality workmanship.

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