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Skirting Board Covers

skirting board covers

Most homes have top skirting board covers which are known by many names. Others refer to them as baseboards, kickboards, or mouldings. Generally, they are made from woods, PVC or MDF that run along the base of a wall. 

They can be screwed, nailed or glued onto the walls and either stained or painted, carved or flat. Here are the advantages of having the best variety in the house:

  • Provides a clutter-free and safe space. They give the opportunity to hide any visible pipes and cables, such as telephone wires, in a more economical and practical method. Hiding an electrical wiring in the ceiling will bring a problem in the future in case of repairs where you have to tear it down. Moreover, in case of having children at home, it will be much safer if those wires are securely hidden.
  • Serves as a decorative feature. The existing kickboards might be boring because they are so plain. To have them a much more exciting look, this can be concealed with a decorative moulding. It can be very intricate such as those seen in an old house. This can also have be painted in any way preferred, either to blend in the theme of the room or contrast it. But exercise caution in doing it and only use water-based acrylic or enamel paints.
  • Requires no risk. It may be due to old age or accidents that householders had it stained or scuffed so if needed to be removed, there is a risk of damaging the surface of the wall. This further entails extra time and money to have it replaced with a new one. Yet by just concealing it, you prevent causing any damage. Usually, over-doing repairs costs much less than it would be to repair a damaged plaster or pay a tradesman to take them off.

Professional Skirting Board Cover Installation Contractors

There are different types popular in the market to choose from that could be a perfect complement or contrast the interior design. They look exactly the same as regular baseboards but are manufactured in a way that let you fit them directly over the existing ones. 

Since these are in demand, it is important to get one that will best fit your preference. They are very important elements of flooring finish and serve good purposes. 

Therefore, if anyone or all of these reasons essential for home improvement, simply look for professional skirting board cover installation contractors. Choosing top experts is critical and will be a great help. It is best to engage top quality services and superior products for time-saving solutions and experience utmost convenience.

There is a vast range of trusted companies in Australia that offer top installation services and consultations. Specialists deliver cost-effective and high-quality results for your convenience, safety and comfort.

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