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marcelle's carpentry and building

marcelle's carpentry and building

ABN: 81 764 800 283
  • Marcelles Carpentry & Building: A Qualified female carpenter specialising in renovations and restorations and providing quality carpentry services in...

    Applause Builder

    Applause Builder

    ABN: 24 952 842 283
  • Applause Builder is located near GLEN WAVERLEY, VIC offering Carpenter services and more.

    North West Corner

    MELBOURNE, VIC, 3182
    ABN: 41 607 494 582
  • North West Corner is located near MELBOURNE, VIC offering Carpenter services and more.

    That Renovation Guy

    That Renovation Guy

    ABN: 76 827 313 350
  • That Renovation Guy is located near LANGWARRIN, VIC offering Carpenter services and more.

    Snap Building Group Pty Ltd

    ABN: 29 275 614 157
  • Snap Building Group Pty Ltd have provided Building, Carpentry, Joinery, Shop, Office, and Warehouse fit outs, & Property Maintenance services for...

    PBS Carpentry & Maintenance Services

    PBS Carpentry & Maintenance Services

    MAIDSTONE, VIC, 3012
    ABN: 50 101 108 132
  • PBS Carpentry & Maintenance Services is located near MAIDSTONE, VIC offering Carpenter services and more.

    The Best Carpenters In Melbourne

    In order for one to be qualified in performing carpentry tasks, a specific skill set is required that most DIY enthusiasts will not pull off.

    Even the simplest woodwork can quickly turn into a mess if you lack the technical knowledge and experience.

    Yes, you’ll be spending a bit of money in hiring a qualified professional carpenter, but that’s better than accidentally damaging your windows or doors. Less mistakes result to less expenses.

    For residential carpentry services in the western suburbs, or commercial carpentry in the business district, it is best to contact your local carpentry builders in Melbourne immediately!

    This article will give you an overview of:

    • What Does a Carpenter Do?

    • Carpenter CheckBox: Does your Carpenter have these Qualities?

    • What Questions should I ask a Carpenter?

    • Carpentry Prices in Melbourne

    • Find Professional Carpenters in Melbourne through HIREtrades

    What Does a Carpenter Do?


    Familiarising yourself with the actual tasks of carpenters could just be the reason for you to realise that hiring professional and experienced carpenters is mandatory if you want quality results.

    The difference between DIY and professional carpentry services is night and day. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks that carpenters do:

    Determining and calculating requirements 

    Aside from having the right eye for aesthetics, carpentry is actually a very technical job.

    Carpenters should be able to determine and calculate all of the requirements, after studying the necessary designs such as drawings, blueprints, or sketches. They should be able to:

    • Measure, estimate, select, and requisition the right materials;

    • Calculate height, width, length, and other proportions; and

    • Plan out the necessary steps to carry out the designs.

    Building, maintaining, repairing, or demolishing wooden structures and frameworks

     This includes all wooden structures and frameworks found in industrial and residential establishments.

    Using hand and power tools, they should be able to perform the following:

    • Cutting, sanding, carving or moulding, and assembling different materials (e.g. wood, wood substitutes, and lightweight steel);

    • Installing anchor bolts and embedded steel prior to pouring concrete footings, foundations, walls, columns, slabs, and beams;

    • Erecting temporary divisions and structures (e.g. scaffolding), as well as permanent ones (e.g. walls, floors, and roofs);

    • Identifying and replacing any framework or fixture that is in poor condition, broken, or that can’t support the structure; and

    • Assembling and installing finish carpentry items, such as doors and windows, along with mouldings, trims, shelves, and cabinets.

    Cleaning the work area

    As part of their post-carpentry task, a good carpenter will make sure that all tools, equipment, and materials are properly stored and put away.

    This also includes dismantling scaffolding and temporary divisions, as required. Carpentry is a task that can be a bit messy, and a qualified carpenter should respect the homeowner’s space through proper cleaning.

    Preparing estimates, tenders, and invoices

    What most people don’t realise is that carpentry also comes with a clerical job.

    Carpenters should be able to assess the final cost in comparison to external cost factors such as travel expenses, materials used, hours of labour, etc. One’s familiarity to analyse, collect, calculate, and compare data is necessary.

    Carpenter Checklist: Does your Carpenter have these Qualities?


    In hiring a carpenter in Melbourne, you want to find who’s the best, and not just who’s the most affordable. 

    Make sure to find someone who fits the bill. Delivering quality workmanship is the first thing that every owner should look for in a carpenter.

    Top carpenters in Melbourne certainly deliver this as they are fully-trained and experienced in handling a wide range of carpentry jobs.

    Aside from delivering top-notch quality workmanship, you can expect the local carpenters in Melbourne to have the following qualities:

    Licensed and insured

    A carpenter based in Melbourne, VIC needs to be licensed and is regulated by the local state licensing authority.

    The person who carries out the work must have a valid licence or have a valid apprentice/trainee licence and work under supervision of a licensed carpenter.

    Furthermore, local carpenters in Melbourne must obtain insurance to ensure protection for both owner and chippies when an accident arises. 

    A carpenter’s licence is not only a proof that they can work legally, but it serves as a certification that they are skilled and experience.

    Carpenters can’t get a licence if they don’t want have it takes. A licence is the ultimate assurance for quality carpentry services.

    Prioritises Safety

    Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere at any industry. Construction trade and carpentry is no exception.

    This is the reason why carpenters in Melbourne strictly follow all required Australian safety and health regulations.

    This includes owning and wearing of personal protective equipment - hardhats, steel-capped boots, gloves, and protective eyewear. 

    Regardless if your local carpenter in Melbourne is insured, the main point is you don’t want to have someone who could potentially hurt themselves in the process. Which is why it is of the utmost importance to hire someone skilled and experienced.

    Only the years of a carpenter’s experience can make him accident-proof.

    Passionate for Improvements

    You should hire someone who treats carpentry as a passion for craft and not just a mere day job.

    Someone who is passionate and dedicated to their craftsmanship means they can deliver their best at 100%. They care about the improvement of their product, and will most likely not go around cutting corners.

    This is their way to ensure that they will continuously deliver great quality results on time.

    Not to mention to exceed their clients' expectations, no matter how small or big the project is. Someone’s passion for their work is the client’s receipt of quality work.

    Hand-and-Eye Coordination

    Ultimately, carpentry involves physical labour.

    As other skilled trades, good physical fitness is mandatory for all carpenters, particularly those work outdoor.

    One should be physically fit to be able to carry wood, equipment and other materials from one place to another or lift heavy parts to join. 

    Moreover, quality carpenters in Melbourne need to have good eye-hand coordination to perform their work smoothly. It’s not just about the technicalities of handwork.

    It is also about their creative eye, detail orientation and mathematical skills. Carpenters should be able to read and analyse blueprints, make precise measurements and calculations, including the estimated cost and time of the carpentry work.

    Professional and Courteous

    A carpenter reports directly to the client, which means a great rapport should be established.

    A great carpenter will be professional at all times and must always be courteous. Having great communication skills is also a must in order for them to explain carefully and articulately what needs to be done in the client’s project. 

    Furthermore, a good carpenter must give utmost respect to the client and the client’s property.

    Being professional means minding the job alone and respecting the client’s privacy, especially that they are working inside the premises of their homes.

    What Questions should I ask a Carpenter?


    As with any other labour work in the construction and trade industry, asking the necessary questions to your carpenter is of the utmost importance.

    Keep in mind that you are hiring a professional carpenter to get the job done right. And in order for you to know who’s skilled and who’s experienced, being on the same page with your tradie is necessary.

    Below are guide questions you need to ask your carpenter before you hiring:

    What are some of your qualifications, and how can they set you apart from other carpenters in the field?

    As abovementioned, the point of spending money in hiring an experienced carpenter is for you to pay for their expertise.

    It’s your dime; hence, make sure that you will be hiring someone who’s capable of quality service.

    Skill level, training and experience vary widely amongst carpenters, so be sure you choose a candidate according to the size of your company and what degree of specialisation and experience you are looking for.

    What type of machinery have you worked with in the past, and were there situations where you had to learn to operate new varieties?

    This question will help ensure that your potential candidate is versatile in the field and can learn new skills and techniques quickly.

    This question will also enlighten you as to how experienced the carpenter is.

    Oftentimes, experience is measured through their knowledge on how to operate a variety of equipment. Not to mention, they should also be able to keep up with the latest carpentry technologies.

    Moreover, make sure that they are familiar with proper safety procedures with the equipment they use.

    Was there a time in your career where you struggled with a deadline? What were the specifics of the situation?

    One of the reasons why you’re hiring someone is you want the job to be done fast.

    While the completion time in carpentry varies, asking a carpenter’s sense of deadline will give you an idea on how fast and efficient they work.

    You want to make sure that your potential candidate can not only adhere to a schedule and complete projects on time but also that they can deal with potential issues that may arise.

    This will also give you an idea on how flexible a carpenter is. Learning about their experience adapting to unpredictable situations is invaluable.

    What were some situations where you went above and beyond the call of duty? How did you help the client?

    A carpenter’s ability to provide extra mile is invaluable.

    As a matter of fact, it measures how passionate they are in their job, and how focused they are to provide customer satisfaction.

    To go above and beyond one’s duty is a sign that one is dedicated to give you the best output they could possibly provide.

    Furthermore, going for the extra mile establishes great rapport and connection to the client. Having a good customer relationship is key to establish working longevity. This is the reason why clients request for the same worker for years. 

    What was your proudest project as a carpenter and what role did you play in its success?

    Learning more about a professional carpenter allows you to plan ahead for their strengths and weaknesses.

    This particular question is telling on a carpenter’s work process, and how passionate they are to every successful project. Affirmative responses to this question will guarantee clients that carpenters will treat every task as a passion project.

    The best candidate will have personal passions and career goals that align with your business.

    Carpentry Prices in Melbourne


    Carpentry services in Melbourne cost differently. Their service cost is not always universal, and it varies all the time, depending on the client’s situation.

    In order for you to project how much it would cost you to hire a carpenter, consider the factors below:

    Hourly and set rates

    Some carpentry companies in Melbourne charge an hourly rate for repair work, custom furniture (plus material costs) and installations.

    Moreover, hourly rates may be affected by the carpenter’s location. For example, in cities and areas with a higher cost of living, carpenters will typically charge a higher hourly rate. 
    A company’s reputation, experience and standing in the construction industry may also affect hourly rates.

    Some carpenters have set rates for jobs they frequently complete because they can confidently predict the cost of time, labour and materials.

    However, despite the possible higher costs for carpenters who have longer years of experience, you are assured that the quality of their product won’t be a disappointment. In a service like carpentry, it is safe to say that you will absolutely get what you paid for.

    Trim work

    Trim work refers to any type of finishing carpentry that gives a polished look to newly completed projects.

    It also can help update an existing space. Examples of trim are as follows:

    • Baseboards

    • Door frames

    • Mantels

    • Window frames, 

    • Moulding

    • Other ornamental woodwork

    Some carpenters charge a set price for trim work. They frequently base quotes for trim work on the estimated cost per linear metre of the work to be done.

    That cost is affected by the materials to be used, intricacy of the work to be done, amount of time and effort required and other factors.

    Type of materials

    As with any trade labour, the type of the materials is the biggest determiner to the final cost of a carpentry project.

    Clients may already own the wood, purchase it in preparation for the project or request that the carpenter acquire it on their behalf. Using hard-to-find or more expensive woods such as teak, walnut or mahogany increases the overall cost of the job.

    However, regardless on how expensive rare and quality woods are, this will guarantee a longer lifespan in your household. 

    Location of your home

    Ultimately, carpenters go to your home. Local carpenters in Melbourne whose location is just walking-distance from your home will cost you just little to none with their travel expenses.

    When carpenters are required to travel to a job site, they may charge a fee to cover their travel time and transportation expenses. Not to mention the equipment and material they will be carrying.

    The farther your location is, the more inconvenient it is for them to travel, which means the higher rate they might charge you.

    Many carpenters have woodworking shops and unless there is a need for installation, customers can save money by dropping off or picking up furniture items themselves.

    Find Professional Carpenters in Melbourne through HIREtrades


    Three easy ways in finding the best carpenter in Melbourne

    HIREtrades will give you access to Melbourne’s most skilled and reputable carpenter who will provide excellent property repair and maintenance to your homes. 

    As Australia’s most trusted trades provider, we can give you access to the following:

    The HIRETrades Directory: Access to Melbourne’s Top Carpenter

    You will be provided with the directory of the top carpenters in Melbourne.

    With an easy browse feature, you simply just need to go to our website, enter the service you want to avail, indicate your location, and in seconds, you will be led to a list of qualifiedcarpenters that best suit your needs.

    Our Trades Directory will make your search easy, as the information of every top carpenter in Melbourne is readily available.

    You no longer need to worry about the hassle of finding the suitable tradie for you, as HIREtrades already has a list of those who we recommend that best suits your needs!

    Each company contains all the services they provide, as well as user ratings. This guarantees that we only recommend reputable tradies, ensuring you quality work at reasonable prices.

    We Give You Access to Different Kinds of Carpentry Services

    If you’re still unsure as to what kind of services you need to avail, HIREtrades will give you an overview on the different kinds of carpentry services in Melbourne in our website.

    Not only that, each specific service will have an equivalent price quote that will help you manage your finances. In HIREtrades, we make sure that you don’t need to break the bank to get quality service. 

    Having the knowledge on the different kinds of carpentry services will enlighten you on which carpenter to contact, and will give you an idea on the rates you need for your budget planning.

    Hire Your Carpenter in Just a Swipe!

    If you’re a working professional and don’t have the time to go to your computer and browse, no need to worry!

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