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With a vast range of available reputable companies, engaging top carport ceiling panel installation services is now very easy and convenient. The specialists guarantee that all works rendered will be in full compliance with local regulations and the Building Code of Australia and ensure delivery of superior, high-quality results.

Carports are great addition to any home. They are not as expensive to be built compared to garages and they also protect vehicles from the elements. Also, they increase the value of a property, provide a covered working area and can be used as an outdoor entertaining spot. Typically, carport ceiling construction project involves two major parts which are the ceiling and the posts. However, side walls like fly screens or lattice panels can also be installed for added protection and privacy. Construction of outdoor structures is covered by local zoning regulations.

Consult with authorities about required plans and relevant permits.

Carport Ceiling Options

There are four common carport ceiling options worth considering in Australia. Each material is priced differently and is mostly affected by the size of the structure to be built. To help choose the best material, it would be better to refer to the following descriptions:

  • Wood. Wooden ceilings look very attractive and offer better insulation particularly if the carport is also made with timber panels and frames. It is a valuable extension to a home and can complement almost any house style regardless of its size.

  • Shade cloth. It is a convenient and efficient option for a carport ceiling. It offers shade and protection from hail if it is correctly attached. Eighty and one hundred percent shade cloth weaves is a good choice. It should be cut a bit longer than the beams and is usually folded and nailed over the height of the beam.

  • Metal carport. It is best installed in farms and ranches. Though not as attractive as wood or shade cloth they are very durable, sturdy and are less expensive. It is available in steel, aluminum and prefabricated insulated polystyrene panels.

  • Fibreglass. This type of material does not corrode as metal does. It allows sunlight to shine through and is normally more appealing than other materials. However, fibreglass ceilings are generally not that sturdy but it can be reinforced when attached to a metal or solid wooden frame. It is either opaque or translucent in appearance, both of which provide natural lighting to carports.

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