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How To Hire a Chimney Sweeper Near You?

Hiring a chimney sweeper at least once a year is a necessary task to keep your home safe from fire and the surrounding air clean. Some homeowners take it upon themselves to DIY their annual chimney cleaning – and although this can be done – it is more advisable to hire a professional chimney cleaner.

Keep in mind that cleaning a chimney or a flue requires an individual to climb up the roof and use special tools. They need these tools to clean out the tar creosote, soot, and any other debris that could be blocking the ventilation.

What Do Chimney Sweepers Do?

A professional chimney sweep performs the following services:

  • Inspection of your chimney and fireplace
  • Prep the area for cleaning – plastic or cloth cover the furnishing surrounding the fireplace area
  • Sweep your chimney using a heavy-duty long bristled brush – scrape any accumulated buildup away from the chimney walls
  • If your chimney needs a deeper clean, most chimney cleaners use chemicals that dissolve the tar buildup and creosote that has accumulated over time
  • Once done cleaning and clearing the chimney of any debris, a chimney sweep must also clean the surrounding area

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Chimney?

The most important reason for having your chimney cleaned professionally is to keep your home safe from fire. When a chimney is not cleaned for a long time, it results in a chemical buildup called creosote – a thick, oily, and highly flammable residue that sticks to the chimney lining. The longer you leave the creosote uncleaned, the harder it is to remove. Statistically speaking, there is a large number of residential fires that resulted from a creosote buildup.

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If your chimney is due for annual cleaning – the internet is a good place to scour for a qualified and professional chimney sweeper in your area. Here at HIREtrades, we maintain a wide network of tradesmen all over Australia, and that includes individuals who provide professional chimney sweeping services.

By posting on the HIRetrades network, you can request for chimney sweep quotes for your requirements. To get more accurate estimates, make sure to post the right measurements and other details that will help the worker determine the cost.

Prioritise your home’s fire safety. Hire a chimney sweeper via HIREtrades today.

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