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How to Find a Professional Cleaners in Your Area?


When looking for someone to assist you with house chores, you ask, “How do I find reliable cleaners near me?” There are important qualifications to consider before hiring a house cleaner to bring back the life of your home.

  • Does the house cleaner demonstrate honesty?

    A good house cleaner is professional enough to tell you when something goes wrong while performing their tasks. Few examples include accidentally breaking the mop or leaving scratches to your glass windows.

    Always check customer references to determine if you’re hiring a trustworthy cleaning team.

    Get feedback from actual clients and verify if they have a police clearance to give you peace of mind.

  • Is the home cleaner detail-oriented?

    Many house cleaners overlook the importance of attending to small details. A professional cleaner is someone who pays attention to every nook and cranny of your home. This includes cupboards, benchtops, tables and sinks.

    Read online reviews to see if your prospective house cleaning team receives positive reviews.

    A consistent home cleaner will ensure a high-standard cleaning service that leaves you completely satisfied.

  • Does the house cleaner value your privacy?

    Most homeowners leave hired cleaners at home to manage their tasks and look after the property. A trusted home cleaner will respect your privacy and keep everything confidential however sensitive it may appear.

    When hiring, ensure that your house cleaner is thoroughly vetted. Ask relevant questions and source information from previous clients.

However skilled and experienced the cleaners are, always consider their honesty, attentiveness and respect towards their clients.

Different Types of Cleaning Services

Are you looking at hiring a cleaner to do a small or comprehensive job?

A professional house cleaning service may cost you extra but it can save you time.


BBQ grills acquire grease and dirt due to frequency of use.

If you haven’t cleaned your BBQ for weeks or months, consider a professional BBQ cleaning service to carefully scrub the grill bars and sanitise other parts.


Oven cleaning includes removing non-delicate parts and washing them with soapy water.

Degreasing the oven rack and wiping the exterior parts (e.g. handles) must be done by oven cleaning specialists to completely remove dirt build-up.


A reliable house cleaning team makes use of high-grade cleaning agents to keep your family, pets and belongings safe from potential harm.

The best cleaning supplies are factory-approved and compliant with health and safety standards.


Duct cleaning includes removing accumulated dust and debris from the grilles.

A thoroughly cleaned duct can help you save energy costs and allow air to be properly distributed across the room.

Rental Bond & Move Out Clean

For most renters, moving out can cost them financially.

End of lease cleaning includes keeping the property professionally cleaned, allowing tenants to redeem their rental bond and avoid paying extra fees.

Home Cleaners

A reputable home cleaning team typically uses quality vacuum cleaners, rug cleaners, window cleaners and shoe cleaners to ensure a high standard of service.

Tile & Grout

Tile and grout cleaning takes the burden off of replacing old-looking wall/floor tiles. It helps to extend their lifespan and restore the visual appeal of the surface.

One-Off Clean

Some homeowners prefer a one-off cleaning service when throwing a big party, selling their property or end of lease.

One-off cleaning is more extensive than regular cleaning.

Washing & Ironing

Washing and ironing services can be beneficial to homeowners who need more time for other important tasks.

These specialists provide a different set of rate and may increase if additional services (e.g. delivery) are incurred.

Cost of House Cleaning Service

Most house cleaners charge by the hour depending on the scope of the job.

A typical house cleaning service can range from an hourly rate of $30 to $60.

The cost may vary based on factors such as your location and how quick the hired cleaner can accomplish the task.

Standard home cleaning may include:

  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning doors and windows (e.g. door and window frames/sills)
  • Tidying benchtops
  • Dusting of skirting/baseboards
  • Sweeping the floor/underneath furniture pieces

Each type of work may incur separate fees depending on your cleaning requirements and negotiation with the professional cleaner.

For instance, a professional window cleaner may charge a standard price of $10 per window pane in lieu of an hourly rate.

Seasonal cleaning such as spring cleaning generally costs more than services provided on a regular basis.

Other considerations such as the size of your property will influence the cost.

When looking for a house cleaning professional, always request an itemised quotation and compare pricing details from other prospects.

Providing them with a clearly defined requirements to help them better under your scope of work and time/cost implications.

The cleaning company can give recommendations as to how you can maximise their service.

Things that Determine the Cost of Cleaning Jobs

There are many factors that determine how much professional cleaners price the job. Here are the most common:

Level of Cleanliness

The amount of cleaning required for your house will affect the overall price of the job.

Site visits and thorough inspections can help a local house cleaning team to provide you with a more accurate quote.

Generally, home cleaners charge a higher rate for houses who haven’t been cleaned for several months.

The Arrangement of Your Home

How your home is built will have an implication on how much you will be charged for a house cleaning service.

The number of floors and the type of rooms (e.g. bathroom, bedroom) that you have can impact the cleaning cost.

Frequency of Cleaning

How often you want to have your home professionally cleaned usually determines the amount you have to pay.

You are more likely to obtain discounted prices for regular cleaning than a one-time cleaning service.

Cleaner’s Experience

The experience of your local cleaner has to be factored in when estimating the cost of cleaning service.

A more seasoned cleaner can have higher demands in terms of cost than others with little experience.

Special Requests

Additional services may include tile and grout cleaning, washing and ironing, and oven cleaning.

These aspects may attract additional costs as they vary in scope and cleaning procedures.

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