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Top House Cleaning Services Melbourne, VIC

Top House Cleaning Services Melbourne, VIC

    Although we usually consider cleaning as a personal task for property owners, there are professional cleaners in Melbourne that you can hire to clean your house, place of work or business.

    While cleaning can be done by anyone, cleaners are trained and skilled to perform the task more effectively. This is especially applicable in big houses and workplaces where a lot of area needs to be covered for cleaning.

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    Different Types of Cleaners

    Most people will think that hiring home and commercial cleaners is not a necessity. And yes, cleaning can easily be done and is even usually part of our daily household routines. 

    However, not everyone has the luxury of time to clean their properties, and this is where cleaners come in handy. The below will enumerate the most common types of cleaners to give you an idea of who to hire for cleaning services.

    Residential Cleaners

    Residential cleaners basically deal with home cleaning services. They specialize in cleaning services in private properties like houses and residential buildings. They are either hired on full time or on a regular basis, and some may be hired part-time. 

    While residential or house cleaners can perform various types of cleaning, it is important for homeowners to specify the extent of cleaning that should be done in their residences. Below are the most basic cleaning duties for house cleaners:

    • Sweeping, mopping or vacuuming house floors
    • Dusting and re-arranging of furniture and appliances
    • Changing bedroom sheets and restocking on toiletries
    • Washing, ironing and organizing clothes
    • Washing windows and polishing house fixtures
    • Cleaning of kitchen tiles, sinks, counters, and cabinets
    • Disinfecting and scrubbing bathroom tiles, floors, and bathtubs
    • Washing and drying dishes
    • Segregation of trash and removal of garbage bags

    Most households nowadays have both parents usually working on schedules, and may find it challenging to include house cleaning in their list of tasks, on top of taking care of the kids and cooking.

    And residential cleaners may just be what they need to assist in their house cleaning chores.

    So, for those who have been planning on doing the house cleaning but hasn’t got the time, now is your chance to contact a professional cleaner in your area.

    Commercial Cleaners

    Commercial cleaners are generally those individuals or company that is involved primarily in cleaning services for businesses such as office spaces, shops, commercial buildings and establishments. 

    Commercial cleaning companies offer wide range of services since they are fully equipped with staffs and equipment to carry out different types of commercial cleaning services.

    They are important in businesses to make sure companies uphold their cleanliness and overall sanitary operation.  

    Contracting services from commercial cleaners will usually start with a site visit for them to get an idea of the nature of business and how large the area to be covered is. Most commercial cleaning services are required on weekly, monthly or quarterly terms. 

    Commercial cleaning companies will employ trained staffs who specializes in cleaning techniques particular for business spaces.

    Unlike residential cleaners who may operate independently, commercial cleaners are usually employed under a cleaning company who initiate contracts with businesses and companies. 

    Commercial cleaners will also operate with registration and licenses, making sure their operations are legitimate and insured.

    This is what makes them a necessary addition to most commercial industries and businesses in making sure that work environments are kept clean and conducive for healthy working.

    General or Independent Cleaners

    While residential cleaners are more focused on contracting house cleaning services, and commercial cleaners are primarily for commercial spaces, general cleaners are a combination of both.

    General cleaners can function and offer services for both houses and offices, extending their cleaning versatility to a wider range of client pool.

    Some general cleaners may operate as freelancers, while some will also opt to be employed under a specific company which offers a variety of cleaning services. 

    General cleaners may include light and deep housekeeping services and office janitorial services.

    Their services may range from the usual sweeping and mopping floors towards cleaning windows, washing ceilings and walls, cleaning of upholstery, stain removals, and minor maintenance works. 

    Although it appears to be an easy task and some people may be able to squeeze in minor cleaning during their free time, deep cleaning is difficult to accomplish with a tight schedule even on weekends, therefore it must be entrusted to people who can do the job professionally.

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    What Are the Types of House Cleaning Services?

    You may not be aware that you badly need a professional cleaner unless you take a good look around your house and see all the work that needs to be done. 

    The moment you acknowledge that you need to hire house cleaners for your house, you will start to evaluate what needs to be cleaned and fixed inside your household. 

    This will be a helpful read to determine the different types of cleaning services that your local cleaner may be able to offer.

    General House Cleaning Services

    Cleaning services can cover a broad and wide list of duties and responsibilities. And most of the time, it is necessary for clients to inform their hired cleaners of the cleaning services that will be needed and should be included. 

    General cleaning services basically cover the very usual type of cleaning that is offered by cleaners in both residential and commercial properties.

    Tasks involving basic and light cleaning services in living rooms, bedrooms, toilets, and kitchens are under the category of general cleaning.

    However, general cleaning is only applicable for houses who are maintained regularly and does not require extensive and thorough cleaning. 

    Deep House Cleaning Services

    Unlike general cleaning services, which includes the very basics of cleaning, deep cleaning requires more attention and skill from the hired professional cleaner.

    Deep cleaning will involve cleaning of every inch and corner of your house, even in those areas where you thought does not need cleaning.

    Most of the time this is importantly applicable for living room, kitchen, and other house appliances that are often overlooked in normal, light cleaning. This also applies to bathrooms, especially bathtubs, tiles and sinks. 

    Deep cleaning may also be referred to as micro-cleaning, because house and commercial cleaners may need to zoom in on the areas that are usually left untouched during general cleaning sessions. 

    Other House Cleaning Services

    Aside from general and deep cleaning services, home and commercial cleaners in Melbourne also indulge and offer specific services that are not usually covered in normal cleaning contracts. 

    These other cleaning services include:

    • BBQ cleaning services – While BBQ parties are exceptionally fun, the aftermath of all the grilling activities may be a lot for most people, especially when it comes to the grilling part.

      Professional BBQ cleaners will ease their way into cleaning your grills using effective methods and equipment.

    • One Off Cleaning Services
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning Services
    • Duct cleaners – Not all people have the skill and patience to regularly clean their ducts. And dirt and dust accumulation over time may destroy or prevent the system for functioning properly.

      Tradies who are trained and experienced to perform duct cleaning can be valuable in making sure duct malfunctions are avoided.
    • End of Lease Cleaning Services

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    What Are the Factors That May Affect the Cost of Your Cleaning Project/Job?

    A lot of factors has to be considered when deciding to contract professional services for cleaning. And one of the main factors that will seal the deal will be the costs associated with the project. 

    Proper cleaning is an investment that needs thorough planning and budgeting before even starting the process. Here is a list of common factors that will most likely impact the cost of cleaning jobs.

    • Type of cleaning

      Most cleaning services vary in costs and pricing depending on a lot of factors, and one of them is the type of cleaning to be done in your house or office space. 

      Cleaning services may either be the general type or the basic routine cleaning, deep cleaning or micro cleaning, and cleaning for moving in or moving out clients.

      Prices for these different types will always vary.

      Light cleaning on residences and commercial buildings will be relatively cheaper compared to deep cleaning, which usually requires more time because the cleaners need to do a thorough clean-up of the area or the space. 

    • Size and condition of area

      The initial condition and state of your home and office will greatly matter in terms of how much you have to pay your professional cleaners.

      This is why most house and commercial cleaners will need to do a site visit first before quoting a price. 

      Messy houses and business place will be costly to clean compared to the cleaner areas, due to the amount of time that will have to be spent cleaning dirtier and messier spaces.

      Additionally, bigger houses and building areas will require a more complex cleaning method, and will utilize more cleaning supplies, thus incurring more costs.

    • Frequency of cleaning

      Most cleaners will be hired either on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Monthly and quarterly cleaning are applicable to commercial establishments who do not really need a daily visit from their local cleaners. 

      The lesser the visit and the cleaning, the more costly it becomes. Houses or businesses that are not attended to by cleaners for a long time may accumulate mess and dirt. So when cleaning commences, it usually takes more time and effort.

    • Additional services

      Cleaning services that require specialized cleaning, or those that are not usually done on a basic or general cleaning, will also mean an additional charge to the overall cleaning cost. 

      Additional services may often include deep cleaning of household appliances like cleaning the refrigerator, scrubbing and cleaning the oven, and doing laundry and ironing.

    It will be advisable to regularly do some minor tidying-up in your area, house or office, to lessen cleaning costs. It will also help if you shop for your own cleaning supplies and equipment so save on the additional charges from the cleaning companies.

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    What Are the Qualifications and Qualities to Look Out for When Hiring a House Cleaner in Melbourne?

    Hiring a house or commercial cleaner may be an easy task, due to the numerous cleaning companies available in Melbourne. However, you have to ensure that the cleaning company or the cleaners themselves are reliable and trustworthy enough, before you contract their services.

    House cleaners will be required to stay inside your household premises for hours, so you need to make sure that they can be trusted. And to do that, you need to gather background information on your hired cleaners, such as:


    Just like any other trades, cleaning also needs skills and training. Surprisingly enough, not all of us can do effective cleaning. House and commercial cleaners who have a lot of cleaning experience are expected to be more skilled, with a keen eye for detail and dirt. 

    Experienced cleaners, through their years of working in different homes and commercial establishments, have vast methods and techniques to efficiently clean spaces in shorter periods of time.

    Also, it would greatly help if you conduct a background check for your preferred cleaners to at least get an idea who you are dealing with and what their reputation is in the business. You may start with simple and basic questions like:

    • How long have they been cleaning houses in Melbourne?
    • Do I know some of their clients? 
    • What do their clients have to say about their services?
    • What types of cleaning services they offer and specialize in?

    In looking for a reliable house cleaner, word of mouth or referrals can be the easiest way to get the most reputable cleaner in your area.

    Looking for a cleaner will be easier if you start with your friends, relatives or co-workers. Pretty sure a lot of them will have a recommendation for a cleaner. 

    This way, you are getting feedbacks for the cleaner from existing and previous clients, whom you know.  

    Professional Qualifications

    Professional cleaners, unlike other tradies, have a lot of ways to get qualified for their cleaning job. They can either qualify through competency trainings, certifications and accreditations, and experience.

    House and commercial cleaning companies should also operate under a license or registration that will prove that they are compliant with health and sanitary codes of the state they belong to.

    In terms of safety, cleaning companies must also provide uniforms for their cleaners to enable easy identification. To add, professional cleaners should be informed of safety laws and security measures when performing cleaning services in homes and offices. 

    Since most cleaners will be dealing with cleaning products and chemicals and equipment, they have to be trained and qualified to handle these substances with safety.

    It is very important to hire and contract services from cleaning services who give importance to safe cleaning protocols and procedures. Otherwise, they will be putting all of your lives at risk of possible contamination and infections.

    So if you are looking for a reliable house cleaner or commercial cleaner in Melbourne, go for someone who is licensed and professionally qualified to perform the services. This way, you will not ensure quality cleaning service, but also a good value for your money.

    Accountability and Insurance

    Engaging outside help to clean your houses and offices on a regular basis can sometimes be risky, especially if you are not dealing with reliable cleaners.

    Just like any other services that you may acquire by hiring independent tradesmen, cleaning services need to be insured as well.

    A company who is professionally qualified to offer cleaning services should make sure the company and their employed cleaners are insured. As a homeowner, you have to feel at ease in having someone clean your home.

    Insurance is important in making sure that when accidents happen inside the house or the business establishment on the process of conducting the cleaning services, the company will be able to cover the costs for the damages.

    Accidents are inevitable especially when cleaners are working with breakable items like glass fixtures, kitchen utensils, and windows.

    Household appliances can sometimes be mishandled which may lead to malfunctions and defects, thus cleaning insurance is necessary.

    It is, therefore, very important to hire house and commercial cleaning companies who are always accountable for their services.

    Part of a good customer service for cleaning companies is the assurance that they can provide their clients, in making sure that their property will always be in good hands. 

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    Dirtiest places inside your home that you need to know

    We may not be aware, and may be naïve in saying that frequent general house cleaning will lead to an entirely clean household. 

    However, our regular cleaning routine may not necessarily include the parts in our house where dirt accumulates more often, and may go unnoticed for some time.

    These places will likely include:

    • Faucets –  Although we think faucets are clean because water passed through it multiple times a day, there are residual particles that may form and clog up the base or the mouth of the faucet where the water usually comes out.  

      It will be a best practice to remove and dismantle the fixture every couple of months to clean and brush it with soap, after soaking it with vinegar.

    • Cabinet top – When we clean, we usually just include those part of the house that we normally see and use. Whatever is not visible, does not necessarily needs cleaning, and this is true for most cabinet top.  

      Because its seldom cleaned, it gathers dust, food particles, and even insect and rodent wastes. You may want to either extend your vacuum to reach the above part of your cabinets, or grab the nearest ladder and swipe those debris out of the hiding.

    • Bathtub – Contrary to our belief that our bathtubs are clean most of the time because of the amount of soaps and shampoos that goes around it on a daily basis, our bathtubs are actually healthy breeding grounds for molds and bacteria. 

      Bathtubs must be dried off and sanitized with cleaning products every once in a while, or even regularly to be on the safe side. 

    • Inside the fridge – We may not want to admit it because its gross, but yes. Our refrigerators can be one of the dirtiest place in our house if and when left uncleaned.  

      Spilled foods and liquids, spoiled leftovers, and expired produce are the most common contaminants in a household’s fridge. And they can be easily overlooked with all the pile of newly bought store items stocked inside.

      Since it stores food, cleaning products with chemicals are discouraged. It is best to use water and dishwashing soaps to clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator.

    • The Sink – As it is where we wash mostly everything that can be seen in the kitchen, sinks can be an easy candidate for most contaminated areas in the household. 

      Cleaning sinks can be as easy as scrubbing it down with soap and rinsing it thoroughly with water, and applying cleaning products every once in a while to disinfect its surface.

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