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Top House Cleaning Services in Perth, WA

Top House Cleaning Services in Perth, WA

    Do you have a carpet stain that just won’t go away? Do you know how to properly dry clean your clothes? 

    Do you even have the time for a thorough house cleaning

    Then you might want to consider hiring the best professional cleaners in Perth!

    If you’re working from 9 to 5, and you simply don’t have the energy to clean your house after a long day’s work, then hiring a professional cleaner might be the right thing for you. 

    There are plenty of house cleaners in Perth, Western Australia that will do the job for you!

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    Different Types of Cleaners


    Whether the cleaning service you need to avail is simple stain removal, dry cleaning, or as big as an entire house cleaning, there is always a cost-effective cleaning service you can contact in Perth.

    Due to most cleaning companies’ wide range of services, it is important for one to familiarise with the different type of cleaners there are.

    Here are some that you will most likely encounter:

    Commercial Cleaners

    One of the most popular types of cleaners in Perth are Commercial Cleaners

    Almost all commercial establishments in Perth require professional cleaning services to make their place clean and presentable to the general public.

    The good thing about hiring professional cleaners is they come in ready with all different kinds of equipment, cleaning agents and techniques. 

    From dusting desks to window cleaning, hiring a team of experts is recommended for a better working environment.

    Below are some of the establishments that commercial cleaners attend to:

    • Childcare centres
    • Gym, fitness and recreational centres
    • Medical centres
    • Office spaces
    • Primary and secondary schools
    • Shopping centres
    • Sporting clubs
    • Warehouses

    The services they provide typically include:

    • Tile and grout cleaning
    • Hard surface floor cleaning
    • Furniture and upholstery cleaning
    • Window washing
    • Power washing

    Hiring professional commercial cleaners will not only promote a positive appearance to your workplace, but it will also provide a healthier and safer work environment.

    Hiring a team of experts to perform general cleaning services will ensure thorough cleaning, which is critical in warding off the spread of diseases, especially in shared areas like the bathroom, pantry, training rooms, etc.

    With fewer sick days and reduced spreading of diseases, employee productivity is guaranteed to boost.

    Project Cleaners

    If you are under a budget, and you only need a specific area to be cleaned, then there are plenty of Project Cleaners in Perth who can do the job for you.

    Not all areas of a building need cleaning at the same time, so it won’t be cost-effective to hire commercial cleaners to perform general cleaning. Project cleaners perform seasonal or annual tasks, which are scheduled for a specific time-period.

    For example, floors in a building require regular vacuuming and mopping. 

    However, a project cleaning service could also include stripping and waxing the floor once a year.

    To avoid the redundancy of the projects, carpet cleaning will be scheduled for the right interval, depending on the carpet manufacturing guidelines.

    Moreover, project cleaners are often part of a janitorial cleaning contract, but their cost is spread out throughout the contract term. This makes it a cost-effective alternative for your workspace.

    Janitorial Cleaners

    Janitorial cleaners are very much similar to commercial cleaners; the only difference is the size of the place they work in. 

    Janitorial cleaners mainly offer small-scale cleaning services, which involve small, everyday cleaning tasks.

    Commercial cleaners on the other hand offer large-scale cleaning services that are done a few times per year.  

    Hiring a janitorial cleaner is beneficial to your workplace’s everyday cleaning and maintenance.

    With consistent janitorial services, your workplace will less likely need a thorough commercial cleaning by the middle of the year, which will eventually save you additional costs. Typically, their services include:

    • Restroom cleaning
    • Mopping and vacuuming
    • Dusting
    • Emptying Trash
    • Breakrooms and kitchen cleaning

    A professional cleaning company assesses the cleaning needs and preferred cycle and can determine the right tasks to be completed at the right frequency.

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    Different Types of House Cleaning Services

    Types of House Cleaning Services

    Most cleaning companies in Perth provide a similar range of services to ensure that your needs are met. 

    Whether it has to do with a household or commercial cleaning, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the services that your local cleaner can assist you with.

    Below are some of the services you might need:

    Daily House Cleaning

    Large scale businesses will most likely require cleaners to perform daily services. Daily responsibilities include:

    • Trash removal 
    • Bathroom sanitization
    • Horizontal dusting
    • Floorcare
    • Break room and appliance cleaning
    • Spot cleaning for fingerprints 

    In some cleaning companies in Perth, daily cleaning would also include restocking of bathroom supplies, patrolling the grounds of the commercial establishment to pick up trash and making sure the entranceway to the establishment is clean and presentable.

    If you own a big commercial space that is open to employees and clients coming in and out, availing daily cleaning services would be a wise decision, for health and sanitation purposes.

    Weekly House Cleaning

    If you own small to mid-sized businesses in Perth, you might want to consider availing a weekly cleaning service

    These types of businesses aren’t really high maintenance for something as thorough as daily cleaning; weekly cleaning service is a cost-effective option to consider.

    Weekly cleaning service usually will include most of the services in daily cleaning, but will also add extra services such as the following:

    • High and low dusting
    • Baseboard cleaning
    • Window sills cleaning
    • Dusting blinds
    • Polishing desks

    Some of the added services won’t be performed each week, such as dusting the overhead fans or the base of chairs. 

    Weekly cleaners will usually rotate this service: high dusting this week, then low dusting the next. Using this rotation will ensure that all functions are accomplished.

    Special Projects

    In some commercial establishments in Perth, special cleaning services are availed as needed. This can include the following:

    • Carpet cleaning
    • Stripping and waxing floors
    • Polishing marble
    • Washing and sanitizing all trash receptacles
    • Sanitizing all phones and headsets

    Moreover, some of the special project services that cleaners offer include commercial carpet cleaning services

    This is also called as Encapsulation Cleaning. Encapsulation not only cleans carpets quickly, but it keeps them clean for a longer period of time.

    This will enable the client to prolong the rotation of this service, which will eventually save them time and money.

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    Questions You Need to Ask Your Cleaner


    By asking questions before hiring your cleaner means setting expectations. 

    Hiring someone to enter your home or office space can be a daunting task, which is why it is important to be on the same page.

    Below are some questions you might consider asking before hiring a cleaner:

    • Do all your employees have police clearances?

      Police clearances mean to have your personal and business space in good hands. An exceptional trust begins with having a clean record.

    • Do you have liability insurance? 

      Having liability insurance will protect your property from potential damages.

    • Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and tools?

      Knowing what their equipment is will give you an idea of how extensive they can work.

    • Can you provide references? 

      A cleaner with references is always a good sign of customer satisfaction. Don’t hold back in asking for one.

    • What should I do with my pets? 

      Some cleaning companies in Perth will have different policies regarding house pets. Make sure to check on the if you’re a pet owner.

    • Do you have a cleaning services checklist? 

      Knowing their checklist is having a clear idea of the cleaning routine they will perform. This will help manage your expectations, and know how extensive their cleaning service is.

    • How long will you be here?  

      This is a fundamental question if the cleaning company is charging by the hour. This will help you allocate a proper budget for their cleaning service.

    • Will you be cleaning solo or in a team? 

      It’s always good to know who will have access to your home or office. Furthermore, this will give you an idea on the headcount for your labour cost, as some companies charge at a per cleaner rate.

    • Do you have a contract for me to sign?

      For possible disputes and/or discrepancies, having a contract is always the better option before hiring a cleaner.


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