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Concrete kerbing is one of those details that people don’t realize are extremely important in construction and landscaping projects. A concrete kerb contractor must know all precise requirements in building concrete kerbs as well as the different types of kerbing and what they are used for.

What is Concrete Kerbing?

A concrete kerb is a mound that was built to separate 2 areas from each other – creating a boundary that surrounds both areas – usually footpaths, walkways, or gardens.

Concrete kerbing can be done in residential or commercial projects – they are very useful in keeping your property neat, presentable and safe for your family or guests.

Types of Concrete Kerbing

Kerbs are classified primarily into 2 basic categories – barrier and mountable kerbs – and under each of these categories are different types of kerbs. Read further to learn about the 5 most common types of kerbing:

  • Barrier Kerb – steep-faced and designed to prevent a vehicle from rolling down the pavement. Apart from its main purpose, a barrier kerb is also built to control the drainage of excess water on the pavement. Barrier kerbs are typically about 150mm high.
  • Semi-Barrier – recommended when pedestrian traffic is light and there is no need for too rigid restrictions in the area.
  • Mountable Kerbs – these have a sloping face that allows vehicles to drive over them more gently.
  • Semi-Mountable Kerbs – these also have a sloping face although they are slightly taller than a mountable kerb.

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