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Most concreters handle all types of concreting jobs including concrete driveways, swimming pools, house slabs, walls and foundations.

Whether you need to build a retaining wall or update your pool floor, ensure that you hire a qualified tradie to work on your concreting project. Before work commences, consider the following qualifications to look for in a local concreter.

  • Your hired concreter must be licensed and/or certified. 

    Verify if the concrete company you are hiring is licensed or certified. In some states like NSW, concreters are required to obtain a General Concreting licence. However, in Victoria and South Australia, licensing falls under the building work category.

    Confirm licensing and certification requirements (i.e. Certificate III in Concreting) with your prospective concreter to know what covers and restricts their work. In this way, you can choose a tradie that fits your concreting requirements.

  • Your hired concreter must be equipped with skills and experience. 

    Concreting jobs require a wide and comprehensive skill set to accomplish the task efficiently. When looking for a concreter to install a concrete slab or repair a damaged footpath, consider a contractor that specialises in that field.

    Check the profile of the concrete company you are hiring and ask about their most recent projects. Read online feedback and see how reliable they are in meeting client requirements and providing high-quality services.

  • Your hired concreter must be polite and professional.

    It is imperative for a concreting contractor to demonstrate professionalism in all facets of the project.

    When you ask them to do a site visit, do they promptly respond? How willing are they in adjusting to your schedule? If you have certain concerns or issues, do they listen to you and commit to resolving your needs?

Ask for customer references to validate the claims of your prospective concrete company. Always consider what the previous clients have to say about the concreter to make the right choice.

Different Types of Concreting Services

Whether you are extending into a second-storey home or install exposed aggregate concrete to improve your landscaped garden, there are various services that will match your property needs.

Retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls are a common concreting job typically built to prevent soil erosion and improve the visual appeal of one’s garden.

Cantilever, piling and gravity retaining walls are some of the types that you can choose depending on the purpose of construction. Each varies in cost, function and efficiency.


Concrete is predominantly used when constructing footpaths. This concreting type is usually installed in public places.

The lifespan of concrete footpaths can last up to 20 years and more depending on the location it was built, the proximity of trees and manner of installation.

House slabs

House slabs made from concrete are durable and long-lasting. The main types are suspended, ground or precast slabs. For upper floor additions, suspended slabs are typically used by most concreting professionals.

Concrete slabs can either be poured on-site, formed (by means of a formwork) or pre-manufactured to meet the exact needs of the property owner.

Formwork constructions

Formwork is a construction frame made from steel, timber or plastic. It is generally used to hold wet concrete and form the desired shape of the structure. Formwork can either be reused for another concreting job or placed permanently.

Concrete formwork can be utilised when constructing foundations, walls and beams.


Concrete pools have varied designs and are highly customisable based on your personal taste. They are durable and can last for over 25 years depending on the hired concreting contractor.

Driveway constructions

Concrete driveways are firmly built outdoor floors that visually contribute to the overall look of the property. They come in different textures, colours and finishing options.

Plain concrete, exposed aggregate, and stenciled concrete are some of the concreting types to choose from.


Concrete is a versatile, hard-wearing construction material used in building foundations. Slabs are a common concrete foundation that provides a strong base for house and commercial flooring.

This type of concreting job can be reinforced for added support.

Cost of Common Concreting Services

The concreting cost for each type of service varies depending on the scope of the job including the preparation work, installation process and finishing touches.

Concrete driveway

The cost of installing a new concrete driveway is around $1,530 to $10,530. Factors including the quality of concreting materials, type of finish and size of the driveway will affect how much you will be charged.

If your existing concrete driveway needs a complete replacement, the concreting job may incur additional fees for replacing the old driveway and preparing the soil condition.

The use of tools and equipment such as the plate compactor, hand tamper and bull float may also influence the overall price of the job.

Concrete house slab

For concrete house slabs, the concreting cost will depend on the type and thickness of the slab, handling of materials and associated services. The average rate for a house slab construction project can range from $240 to $329 per m3.

If you prefer to construct a ground slab for your home extension project, the cost will differ from other slab types (e.g. suspended).

On top of these aspects is your location. Consider hiring a concreting professional near you to reduce travel fees.

To determine the expected cost of any concreting service that you may need, post your job via HIREtrades. Receive up to three free quotes from local contractors and choose a tradie that best suits your project requirements.

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