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Coloured concrete is an extremely durable building material for paths, driveways, patio area, pool surround and many more outdoor surfaces. However, they are constantly exposed to the accumulation of grime, dust and other chemicals that are blown or dropped onto them. These pollutants can then seep in through the tiny pores of the decorative surface that will tarnish or stain its colour.

The way to prevent this from happening is by sealing as this process creates a barrier for those harmful particles to enter. It is a two-part coating system: first is applying the clear base and then adding the tint. They are applied using a roller or a soft bristled broom. They are available in different types to choose from. The kind one will require depends upon several considerations such as the look the user want to achieve, the type of finish, abrasion, chemical and slip resistance, maintenance limitations, and site access challenges.

Overall, choosing the best coloured concrete sealers is usually the balance between performance and appearance. Aside from the protection from harmful elements and beautification these substance provides, it can keep the applied surface in good condition over time. It is also much easier to clean or fix it than the unsealed ones.

Coloured Concrete Sealing Services

When there is already a sealing system in place, what is needed is a recoating. Doing this, ensure that the new coat bonds successfully to the existing one. This could be a bit harder and may cause some problems. It is suggested to do the job in full sunlight to a small area (two square metres) and evaluate the result after six weeks.

This is to determine if the coats are bonding sufficiently, and to fully maximise its lifetime, it is necessary to allow time for curing. Under normal conditions, it takes up to 7 days for a sealer to cure and can be longer depending on the ambient environment. A reseal is required when signs of wear or weathering are apparent.

The most common instances that call for resealing are when whitening occurs on the recoated area, it appears faded but darkens once wet, and peeling or patchiness or flaking is present. Other possible situations include formation of bubbles or a lot of fine cracks are evident. If any problematic sign is observed and you do not know what preparation is required, it is strongly recommended that you ask the help of top coloured concrete sealing services .

The professional applicators surely have the technical skills needed to make sure that your sealing project is done successfully and beautifully. They know what sealer to use and how to apply it to achieve a smooth finish that can last for long. They can bring back the surface back to its glorious state.

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