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Concrete is the basic foundation of all of the structures around us, most of the time they surround us and our families for generations to come but there are also instances wherein we have to carefully decide whether or not to keep them.

While the ideal decision making can easily be done thru (for example, by wisely considering all factors that may be affected), the actual demolition requires professional concrete removal contractors due to the technique, possible danger and equipment needed for it. It is an ideal choice to seek the best assistance if do-it-yourself approach is not possible. The usual basis that need service are:

  • deep, widespread cracks,

  • slabs that have sunk and

  • severe spalling

With these issues present, it is usually more practical to have them removed and replaced rather than a tiresome repetitive process of repairing which will also ultimately lead to total destruction anyway. Once the situation has been identified, the proper procedure will then be selected.

Concrete Removal Services

For resolution, the different available options are:

  1. Pressure bursting (mechanical or chemical) – is done for those that prefer a controlled, relatively quiet and dust free demolition with the option of using a machine to use hydraulic pressure through a motor or by a chemical method with the expansive slurry into a pre-determined pattern of boreholes. The concrete can then be easily removed by hand or with the assistance of a crane. In terms of pricing, with this device, it comes out cheaper than having the removal done with chemicals.

  2. Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers – are opted for pulling down that involve bridge decks, foundations and pavements. A jackhammer is the tool that is most used for this type of disposal and the length of the process will depend highly on the size of the hammer as well as the size of the steel reinforcements in the structure.

  3. Dismantling (water-jetting or thermic lance) – is accomplished for concrete removal that only requires a certain portion of an edifice to be removed. This method gets the job done while keeping its surroundings unscathed. Water-jetting dismantling provides minimizes dust and fire hazards while doing the procedure while thermal dismantling eliminates filth completely but could pose a possible hazard.

  4. Ball and crane for masonry and structures

  5. Explosives.

The options 4 & 5 are used for larger scale demolitions such as high-rise buildings while the others are chosen based on the need of the concrete structure. A wide list of reputable companies are available rendering top concrete removal services for the households to meet their needs.

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