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Exposed Aggregate Concretes

exposed aggregate concrete

Installing the best-exposed aggregate concretes is one stylish decorative options to consider. It has a natural beautifying look that lasts for a long time with minimal need for maintenance. 

It is a practical and cost-effective solution especially in areas with high foot traffic such as driveways and pavements. 

It only requires one trade to get the job done so it is a popular choice since it is less expensive than other finishes. Tiles and grout, for example, are prone to discolouration while timber requires re-oiling and in some cases rots. 

Compared to other materials like sandstone, it is sturdy and skid-resistant making it ideal for multiple residential and commercial applications in particular outdoor entertaining areas, garden paths, courtyard, footpaths, patios, swimming pool surrounds, pathways, landscaping, pavements, driveways, other alfresco extensions of the house, parking areas, public spaces and community areas. 

The no-slip texture is perfect both indoor and outdoor. Aside from the endless colour options available, combining a number of stones such as shells, pebbles and silicates is also an option.

There are even glow in the dark ones. So, whether a modern or traditional structure, the householder's taste and preference can be achieved. Multiple reputable companies are available to let you connect to the right contractors to ensure the project will be done properly.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Installation Services

Design-wise, the sky is the limit. Having it is an attractive alternative to using asphalt or regular cement for driveways. The mixture is not concealed, making it abrasive and suitable for various heavy traffic areas in the residence. 

It is very stylish, performs well and yet is very easy to maintain. It takes water and a brush to tidy it up. It is definitely a worthwhile investment. Select a reputable concreter to work on this project. 

Find out if they are able to provide architectural or technical support. Make sure they are known for excellent customer service from the first point of contact until after project completion. 

Look into the quality of materials used in their projects. Verify if they meet Australian standards. When choosing a contractor, decide whether to have a light or heavy exposure.

 If interested in contrasting it with coloured or regular materials or other treatments like stamping or stencilling to achieve a unique finish. Any idea can be customised from the stones to the colours to the depth of the exposure. 

Through top exposed aggregate concrete installation services, specialists deliver cost-effective and high-quality results for your convenience, safety and comfort.

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