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How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Cost

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Air conditioning repair cost varies based on several factors – air-con type, size, and your location, to name a few. For home air conditioning repair, it’s safe to set your budget at $80 to $140 – with window ac repair being more affordable than a split system ac.

Commercial air conditioning repair costs are generally higher, since they have bigger units they are more difficult to repair. If you have a commercial or industrial type of air conditioner, we suggest you prepare as much as $150 to $200 for labour costs.

Air Conditioning Repair Estimate

There are several symptoms of an air conditioning unit that needs to be serviced or repaired – the most obvious of which is when the airflow is not cool enough or not blowing enough air. Internal and external leaks may also be a symptom.

Prior to the air conditioning service and repair, HVAC companies usually perform an aircon check-up. This is when an air conditioning expert may test and check several different components of your ac unit to look for the root cause of the problem. Once this is determined, then an air con repair company can provide you with a more accurate cost estimate for their service. Since some repairs are more complicated than others, they would cost a little more than minor procedures.

Below are some examples of air conditioning repair services, and their costs:

Home AC Recharge Cost

An AC recharge is usually done after repairing a leak as this could cause the refrigerant levels to go low. The average refrigerant charge cost for an air conditioner is about $170 to $800.

AC Compressor Repair and Replacement Cost

The ac compressor is considered the heart of your air conditioning system – it is the most important component of an ac unit. Compressor repair can reach $150 to $300 – while a replacement compressor costs about $1,300 to $3,500.

AC Freon Leak Repair Cost

Freon is the gas that acts as a refrigerant in your air conditioning unit – it is responsible for converting hot air into cooler air. Fixing a freon leak may cost around $300 to $2,000, depending on the severity of the leak.

Air Handler Replacement Cost

An air handler is a separate unit from a heating and cooling system, which controls how the cool or hot air circulates within the area. Replacing an air handler will cost around $3,000 to $5,000.

Air Conditioner Fan Coil Leak Repair Cost

The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system helps in absorbing heat from inside the room and releasing it into the condenser to be cooled. Coil leaks can cause poor airflow and inefficient temperature regulation. The cost to replace the evaporator coil in an air conditioner is about the same as the repair cost – from $2,600. It is, therefore, more practical to go for a replacement instead of a repair.

Condenser Replacement Cost

Loud noises coming from your air conditioning unit, or your air-con unit refusing to power on may be a sign that your condenser needs to be replaced. Condensers break due to a buildup of dust and debris, resulting from poor maintenance. A replacement for your condenser coil can cost about $2,500.

AC Duct Replacement Cost

Reduced airflow and clogged filters are a sign of a faulty ac duct – which can be caused by the age of the ac system or debris in the ducts. To repair the ac duct can cost $2,700.

AC Blower Repair Cost

The ac blower is the motor that operates the fan blades inside the ac unit and is vital for absorbing hot air and blowing cool air out. If the blower fails, the ac unit may not power on at all. The repair cost for an ac blower ranges from $200 to $300, while replacements range from $350 to as much as $2,700 for a higher-end unit.

AC Expansion Valve Repair Cost

The expansion valve converts the liquid refrigerant into vapour, and a broken valve may also cause your air conditioner to underperform. This can also result in higher utility bills. Repairing or replacing your ac expansion valve will cost around $300 to $600.

Inverter AC Repair Cost

To repair an inverter ac may be more costly than a non-inverter because its parts are more expensive. However, an inverter unit is about 50-60% more energy efficient than a non-inverter, and because of that will end up more cost-efficient as well in the long run.

AC Fuse, Circuit Breaker, or Relay Replacement Cost

Average costs for an ac fuse, circuit breaker or relay replacement ranges from $20 to $400. Replacement of these parts will take only two hours or less.

AC Thermostat Replacement

The ac thermostat continuously monitors and regulates the temperature inside the room, and a faulty thermostat can result in inconsistent temperature. A thermostat replacement costs between $150 to $350.

AC Capacitor Repair

The ac capacitor is the air conditioner’s source of energy needed for the motor to start. The repair cost for an ac capacitor ranges from $160 to $650 and takes less than an hour.

Hiring an Air Conditioning Expert

If you are looking for an air conditioning service or HVAC company for your ac maintenance and repair, HIREtrades is an excellent tool that can help you find the expert you need.

To ensure that you get an accurate quotation, it’s best to be transparent with all the details of your faulty air conditioner even before a professional visits your place for an air-con checkup. When you post the job on HIREtrades, you’ll be prompted to write all the details of the project so that the ac repair experts in your area will have a general idea of the service you need. Posting the job will alert the tradies near you and will allow you to get up to 3 FREE quotes for your air conditioning repair.

It’s also a good idea to make a shortlist of all qualified tradies and contact them to ask questions about their expertise. By then, you’ll most probably have decided on who to hire for the job.

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