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    How Much Does Split System Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

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    Split System Air Conditioning Installation Cost

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    Split system air conditioner installation costs around $960 to $4,140 for residential homes.

    Prices vary depending on the capacity (kW) of your split system, the size of the unit and difficulty of the installation.

    Split systems can either be freestanding or wall-mounted. They are ideal for cooling and/or heating a specific room to improve and regulate temperature. These types require professional installation as they come in two main units – indoor and outdoor.

    Unlike other air conditioning types such as wall-mounted and ducted system air conditioning, split system air conditioners are quieter and more energy-efficient. Always choose a qualified AC technician with varied skills and experience to ensure proper installation.


    What Do Air Conditioner Installers Charge for Labour

    Most AC experts charge anywhere between $65 to $90 per hour for installation service.

    • In Victoria, the labour price ranges from $65 to $70
    • In Queensland and New South Wales, it varies from $70 to $75

    The hourly rate may increase up to $90 depending on many factors including your location, complexity of the installation and market demand. Calculating the number of hours required for installation will give you a rough estimation of the labour cost.

    Say the installation job lasts for four hours up to two working days, depending on your situation. Referring to the average hourly rate above, you should budget between $260 to $1,440 for labour.

    Note: DIY attempts are not legal and may incur sanctions. Hire a tradie instead of risking your safety and money for non-professional installation works. HIREtrades enables you to obtain three free quotes from local air conditioning companies.

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    Factors that Affect the Cost of Split System Aircon Installation

    Consider the following factors that determine the cost of installing a split system.

    1. Ease of installation

    Gaining access to the roof, climbing a ladder or working in odd spaces may impact on installation costs. Additional costs for labour are incurred if there are complexities involved in the installation.

    Some split system AC installers charge extra for labour when working at heights. Prices alter based on your individual requirements. Clarify non-standard rates before the actual installation to ensure pricing is clearly outlined.

    2. Size of the unit

    A split system installed in a 20m2 room may require a unit with 2.8kW to cool the area. Expect to pay more if you’re installing more than one split-system unit or multi-split air conditioners.

    Finalise your requirements to determine the number of hours required for installation works and calculate the expected cost. Check the tradie’s hourly rate in your region and request for written quotations.

    3. The location of the outdoor unit

    For aesthetic purposes, a back-to-back installation is ideal to make the outdoor unit less noticeable. However, some air conditioner installers recommend placing the outdoor component on the side of the property to avoid obstructions.

    Your AC installer may require extra pipes and cables to run them through the roof space, down to where the outdoor unit is situated. Such installations incur extra costs in terms of materials and labour.

    Note: A 15-metre distance between the indoor and outdoor unit is recommended by air conditioning experts to maximise the performance and efficiency of the system.

    4. Additional services

    In some cases, upgrading your switchboard is necessary. Installing a power point near the indoor air conditioning unit also adds to the cost. You may need to hire an electrician to perform the tasks required. Extra labour and components will attract increased costs.

    Note: Always clarify pricing requirements to help manage your expectations.


    How Much Do Split Systems Cost for Supply Only?

    Split Systems Cost for Supply Only

    The cost of standard split system air conditioners varies from $700 to $2,700 based on the brand and capacity of the unit. Most AC installation companies recommend units that fit your budget and property requirements.

    When buying split system ACs, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu are some of the recognised brands to consider. Check the prices below for your reference.

    Room SizeCooling/Heating CapacityEstimated Cost*
    10m2 to 25m22.5kW$700 to $1,200
    25m2 to 35m23.5kW$900 to $1,500
    35m2 to 60m25 to 6kW$1,400 to $2,000
    60m2 to 85m27 to 8.5kW$1,400 to $2,300
    85m2 to 95m29 to 9.4kW$2,400 to $2,700

    *Prices based on Harvey Norman’s product list


    Note: In choosing a split-system unit that suits your home, consider the type and size of the room the unit will be installed. This will help you determine the level of cooling and/or heating capacity the room will require.

    The installation cost is the sum of the air conditioner’s price and your tradie’s hourly rates. Prices may increase depending on your special requests or installation difficulties. For more accurate quotations, seek consultation from local air conditioning technicians.

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