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How Much Does Antenna Installation and Repair Cost?

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The cost of antenna services can range from $70 to $85 per hour. Pricing varies depending on certain factors such as the quality of the antenna installed, type of service rendered and other optional extras.

For a standard antenna service, expect to pay around $200 per project. The overall cost may increase up to $500 due to equipment used and complex cable runs between the main antenna and the endpoint.

Whether you’re adding a new digital TV antenna or replacing an old, defective antenna, you need a trusted specialist to perform the job. Clearly clarify your requirements prior to the actual work and ask for a written quotation.

Antenna Installation Cost

New antenna installations both require materials and labour. TV antennas can cost about $150 to $450+ depending on quality and signal integrity.

In terms of labour, your location forms part of the overall cost. In NSW, antenna installers charge an hourly rate of $80 to $85. If you live in Queensland, hiring an antenna technician to install your antenna may cost a little less around $75 per hour.

Antenna Repairs Cost

For an antenna repair service, expect to pay around $200 to $250 per visit. The price may increase depending on some complexities involved. You need to factor in aspects including the type of defect and scope of the job.

Antenna Relocation Cost

Whether you’re moving an existing antenna for solar panel installation or to find a better reception, it has a cost involved. Relocating an antenna involves running a cable over the wall and/or placing the roof antenna lower or higher.

This type of service will incur an additional cost.

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What Determines the Cost of Antenna Services

Here are aspects to check when determining the cost of antenna services.

Type of service

The cost of a TV antenna installation service differs from how much you will be charged for antenna repairs. Setting up a new digital TV antenna will require a set of antenna cables, TV points and much more.

TV antenna repairs, on the other hand, may need a few replacements on some parts, including cords and coax cables. A straightforward service may cost a little lower than a complete installation.

Size and quality of a TV antenna

TV antennas vary in terms of size and quality. The bigger the size, the larger the antenna system would cost. Likewise, antenna brands with better features (i.e. reception) will incur higher fees.

You may ask a qualified antenna specialist for recommendations before buying anything.


Accessibility issues influence how much an antenna technician will price the job. If you prefer a TV antenna installed in a difficult-to-access location, such as in an attic, expect to pay more for additional hours incurred.

Advanced equipment

You also need to factor in the equipment used by the contractor. Often a remote control rotor is utilised to carry out installations or upgrades, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Such requisites attract increased costs.

TV points

Adding new TV points can add to the overall cost of antenna services. Consider the additional materials you need to purchase and the extra labour required to install these outlets.

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Hire an Antenna Technician Near You

When hiring a qualified antenna technician for repairs, upgrades or installations, you need to consider a few important factors.

Does the antenna specialise have insurance? No matter the type of service, it’s crucial that you hire only a TV antenna technician with appropriate insurance. This will keep you from shouldering the consequential costs in the event of damage.

What does the tradie specialise in? Setting up a new antenna system may differ from doing simple upgrades. If you’re looking to have a loose cable fixed or altered, find a tradie who specialises in repairs and replacements. Source feedback from previous clients if you must.

Has the antenna specialist been receiving positive feedback? Always check their online presence before finalising an agreement. Do they comply with safety practices and industry standards? Are they up-to-date with digital TV broadcast signal upgrades? Read client reviews and ask for customer references where possible.

Check these factors with your local tradie before commencing work. HIREtrades gives you access to a wide network of antenna specialists near you. Get up to 3 free quotes when you post a job via HIREtrades.

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