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How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

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How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost

The cost of asbestos removal can vary from $30 to $100 per square metre. Pricing may increase depending on many factors including the amount of asbestos to remove, areas to access, and the complexity of Asbestos Removal Cost.

Asbestos, whether loose particles or solid sheeting, poses health risks. Leaving asbestos untouched usually doesn’t cause harm. Home renovation jobs disturb asbestos, increasing the chance of inhaling microscopic fibres that could damage the respiratory and digestive systems of a person.

The scope of removing asbestos requires a licensed removal specialist to carry out the job. Seeking a qualified contractor to inspect and assess the asbestos-containing materials around your home is highly recommended. This may attract cost but it will ensure your safety.

Asbestos Removal Cost per Square Metre

Hiring a professional asbestos removal specialist can cost around $30 to $100 per m2 depending on your location. The table below shows the expected cost of asbestos removal jobs on a per square metre basis.

City Estimated Cost per m2
South Australia $80 to $100
Western Australia $55 to $65
New South Wales $40 to $50
Queensland $35 to $45
Victoria $30 to $40

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For the cost of removing asbestos fireproofing, it can range from $300 to $420 per square metre of floor area. This is applicable to five major cities including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Note: The above price range specifies the removal of asbestos fireproofing from structural steel framing in office buildings and the like.

For asbestos roof removal costs from roofing materials, the price can vary from $30 to $60 per m2. This is for roofing materials with 0 to 100+ metre(s) in size. The smaller the size, the more expensive it costs, and vice versa.

Note: Rates are indicative and may increase depending on your negotiation with the tradie.


Factors that Impact the Cost of Removing Asbestos

There are factors to consider when determining how much asbestos removal contractors will price the job. Some charge on a per square metre basis. Others price their service by the hour.

Scope of work

Removing asbestos sheets or particles is done when demolition or remodelling works are performed. The cost to remove asbestos is also influenced by a range of associated jobs including inspections, site decontamination, cleanups and monitoring.

The asbestos removal specialist will tell whether removal is required after the initial inspection. If the asbestos is disturbed and the enclosure method won’t work, expect to pay more.

However, if the asbestos is not damaged and certain repairs are necessary to seal the area, the cost will somehow be reduced.

Location of asbestos

The location of the asbestos sheeting or particles can impact how much you will be charged. Tradies working in external locations such as roof shingles and pipes, often have fewer challenges than those dealing with indoor asbestos removal.

Removing asbestos from interior areas is more detrimental since asbestos fibres, being airborne, can quickly travel to and linger on curtains and other fabric materials around your home. Exterior removal, on the other hand, can be less labour-intensive.

Quantity of asbestos

The amount of asbestos to remove and dispose of can affect the asbestos removal price.

You also have to consider the circumstances encountered by the tradie during the removal of asbestos. Access difficulties, such as working in steep roofs and high locations, will attract increased costs.

Size of property

The size of your property can have an implication on the cost of asbestos removal per square metre.

If, for example, asbestos is found in flooring, the size of the affected floor area is to be determined to calculate the estimated cost. This process applies to other locations where asbestos has been detected.

Often the removal specialist conducts a pre-inspection assessment to know the extent of the problem.

Extra services

These include removal and relocation of furniture, the rectification of ceilings, repairs to existing finishes indoors and outdoors, and many others.

Expect to pay additional fees for proper disposal of asbestos and post-monitoring procedures after the removal. In Sydney, air monitoring and site clearance cost about $400 to $2,000 as an extra fee.

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If you suspect any presence of asbestos in your property, simply leave it undisturbed and call a qualified asbestos removal company to attend to your needs. Licensed professionals must be hired to look into the situation without compromising your health and safety.

Prior to hiring, verify the credentials including their licence, certifications and work experiences. It is imperative that they strictly comply with the national and state-wide Work Health and Safety Regulations to help validate their knowledge and expertise.

Licensing requirements vary across Australia. In some states like NSW, asbestos removal specialists and businesses are required to obtain a licence when removing asbestos or asbestos-containing materials.

Remember that the initial quotation provided by the contractor might be subject for change after the site visit and complete evaluation of the problem.

You can always ask for written estimates to carefully plan your budget. Posting a job via HIREtrades also enables you to reach out to local asbestos removal contractors and choose a company that suits your budget and requirements.

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